The Marijuana Mafia

The Marijuana Mafia is an important topic to discuss in relation to the decriminalization of medical marijuana; it’s not your typical mafia, sure it has its relations to your traditional mob organizations and drug cartels but it exists autonomous nonetheless, and has asserted itself in a very clever manner into not only the Cannabis industry and culture but has also manipulated discussion of medical marijuana at the highest levels of political discourse. Who are these Mafiosi? When one thinks of a marijuana kingpin, a super hippie-tized libertarian warlord or possibly a well dressed Mexican businessman? But that would simply be too obvious. No, the marijuana mafia is a clever bunch and they have hidden themselves the best way possible, right under our noses in plain sight.

These masters of medical wickedness have cleverly manipulated the intentions of Proposition 215 in California since its inception in the early 1990s and have kept the state from improving its medical marijuana law in order to impose its rackets on a lawless and unregulated market. Meanwhile they have promoted marijuana legalization in other states, imposing their financial will on weak state politicians with large budget deficits, in desperate need of some extra cash and some extra influence to get back on their feet again. These states are ball and chained to the manipulated California seed market and the completely French Canadian cartel dominated Canadian seed markets.

Why doesn’t the Marijuana Mafia just accept regulation and decriminalization? Because their intentions have nothing to do with helping medical patients, gangsters like Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center; Keith Stroup of NORML; Don Duncan of Americans for Safe Access; Marijuana Policy Project; the now deceased Peter Louis and his practically defunct Drug Policy Alliance and the Anti-Pioneer Self-Proclaimed Wax King Miguel Lopez don’t care about people with cancer, AIDS/HIV, cerebral palsy and other serious illnesses that could use medical marijuana treatment. What the Marijuana Mafia’s goal is to increase the efficiency of their drug trafficking and distribution markets in states that do not have access to medical marijuana; sounds altruistic at first until one gets more intimate with the operation and realizes that this so called ‘legalization movement’ could care less about marijuana decriminalization because they are busy attempting to rig regulations and control marijuana grey markets in order to produce more profit in their marijuana black markets.

Watching Colorado growers tout their medical credentials and blame the failures of the marijuana decriminalization movement “on the hippies” on Dr Sanjay Gupta’s Weed 2 was laughable at best because it’s false advertising at its finest. The best question to ask Colorado growers is “Despite Legalization, why hasn’t the quality of the marijuana medication improved in Washington and Colorado?” It’s a fair question, when marijuana was decriminalized in California the price of marijuana fell and the quality of marijuana increased, why hasn’t the same occurred in Colorado?

The answer to that question lies in the domination of seed markets. The primary sources of seeds used throughout North America find their sources in California’s Emerald Triangle, Canada’s British Columbia and Kentucky’s Appalachian mountains. This means that the legalization states are always hamstrung for high quality seeds and are dependent on importing the seeds from seed producing regions. The Marijuana Mafia has made it their business since the passage of Proposition 215 to slowly takeover the California seed market, working in tandem with their relationships in the French Canadian mob who were doing the same in Canada. The Mafia has intimidated hippy farmers, using violent and underhanded tactics to effectively wage enslave many of the farmers in the Emerald Triangle with the help of corrupt state politicians who blame Obama for the woes they create for the farmers. The Mafia has even used their true crime counterparties to help them takeover markets all over the west coast through illegitimate dealings and brutal intimidation. Mon-N-Pop dispensaries from Long Beach to San Francisco to Humboldt to Seattle have been destroyed by this cabal of so called “Do-Gooders” hiding behind the banner of “marijuana legalization” while stealing plants and seeds from entrepreneurial dispensaries using mob tactics only seen in the movies. Their dispensaries are on record with the reviews at and accusations throughout the Cannabis Community of abusing patients and sacrificing marijuana quality and cures for profit.    “Feigning Care”

The Old Hippies from up north, as much as I love them, they have to share the blame in California’s current downfall in the world of medical marijuana. They trusted their middlemen too much, the best analogy for it is from the tale of Pinocchio, when the young good hearted and trusting Pinocchio became corrupted by a vicious Fox named Honest John with his feline sidekick Foulfellow. Like Honest john promised to help Pinocchio; ASA, NORML and MPP promised the Old Hippies that they would help them free the Weed and fight for patients right’s to use the cures that medical cannabis could provide. The Old Hippies originally had the vision to bring back medical marijuana as a medicine, the same vision that was shared by medical marijuana Hippies Dennis Peron and medical pioneers  Jack Herer, along with so many others that fought for marijuana decriminalization had. The Marijuana Mafia and old mobs simply saw a threat to one of their main centers of profit; they more than anyone had everything to lose through marijuana decriminalization so their best effort had to be towards focusing on controlling it.     “Plots and Fraud”

Much like the Fox and Cat takes the young wooden marionette to “Pleasure Island”, a place with no rules or authority, with plenty of booze, gambling, smoking and partying for everyone. What better way than to coerce the Old Hippies by offering up amenities like financing, large gifts and just more money than these people had ever seen in a long time to work ‘cooperatively on marijuana’; but the Marijuana Mafia had no intention to cooperate from the beginning. Pinocchio takes some heavy rips of a Cuban cigar only to discover too late that the whole thing is a scam, the Fox and Cat get paid, the Coachmen turns all the little boys into goats and whips them into the corral to be used like oppressed miners; Pinocchio himself is not spared this fate. The Marijuana Mafia like the Coachman coerced the farmers into absolute servitude using their legal and law enforcement connections to job out any grower that wouldn’t play along with their game to dominate global marijuana distribution and preempt federal marijuana decriminalization.   “Pleasure Island”

The Marijuana Mafia’s goal was to monopolize the California seed market working along with the Canadian Cartel’s seed market to dominate marijuana seeds globally and improve the exportation of marijuana to meet the demand in states where marijuana had not yet been decriminalized ie. The East Coast of the United States. People like Steve DeAngelo, Keith Stroup and Miguel Lopez worked very hard to turn their little project “The State of Colorado” into a new marijuana trafficking corridor that would improve continent wide distribution of marijuana for all criminal organizations involved and use Colorado as a base to streamline flows and profits to and from the East Coast and also use the State of Washington to reduce transportation risk with Canada. To illustrate my example here is map of marijuana distribution flows prior to Colorado and Washington legalization.

Weed trade1

The green stars represent major seed generating hubs in North America excluding Mexico, we get the Emerald Triangle of California, British Columbia and Kentucky. The triangles represent narco network distribution hubs, we get West Texas, Wisconsin, Youngstown, Seattle and New York. The yellow lines represent regional distribution flows, the red lines represent major narco-trafficking routes. Traditionally to transport marijuana to meet East Coast demand, marijuana in major seed producing areas like California either had to be transported up a pipeline into Canada for shipping to New York and the Upper Midwest or traffickers had to risk interstate smuggling to reach the distribution hubs. Distribution hubs would also have to take on more risk by reaching out to smaller networks to help assist with taking in profits from regional distribution throughout the East and South.

The Marijuana Mafia fought hard for legalization in Colorado and Washington to rectify the risk that was being present from the long distances and burdens of law enforcement associated with such long routes of narco trafficking. This arrangement was suitable at first for the Old Hippies because their seed market was superior to the other two so they could demand higher prices for the medicine exported out of California into Canada and across state lines; the domination of the seed market also let them deal more evenly with the middlemen, but the deluge of wealth shielded their eyes from the machinations of those same middlemen. The middlemen used their underworld connections to seize as much of the California seed market as they could through force, then once their political hitmen in MPP, NORML and ASA were able to open Washington and Colorado they immediately began the process of moving California’s resources to Colorado in an effort to dominate the market and thoroughly crush the Old Hippies once and for all.

Weed trade2

This next map illustrates how Washington and Colorado have improved narco-trafficking routes throughout the United States. Mexico now has less of an export burden because it is now much easier to move bulk shipments into Colorado, especially through sell out states like Arizona and New Mexico, thanks to corrupt politicians like ex-governors Jan Brewer and NORML associate Gary Johnson. The West Coast Connection between California and BC is now perfectly streamlined to bring West Coast bud quickly and efficiently to the East and also bring more inflows of Beasters into the United States. Colorado makes busting through Red State dragnets much easier as the front lines are now much greater in multitude, the same going for the Big Sky Country states, this has relieved the burdens of distribution hubs which are now able to more efficiently move their shipments throughout the east coast make even more astronomical profits than ever before. For Colorado, it’s not about the patients, the marijuana quality or even the legalization, it’s about improving narco-distribution opportunities to the East Coast.      “Truth about ASA”

People like Steve DeAngelo, Marc Emery, [Ethan Nadelmann of DPA, George Soro’s Marijuana Policy Project] and Don Duncan of ASA have put themselves in our face, telling us they are fighting for our rights while collectively working to deny us of all of our rights. DeAngelo mocks the community with his television shows Weed Wars and Weed Country, glorifications of himself and his middlemen “struggling” to squeeze paranoid growers for marijuana to bring to the dispensary and sell. Marijuana growers after years of battling the DEA for their medicine are paranoid of who to trust, especially as their dispensary middlemen job them out to monopolize competition.

Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo

Marc Emery and Jodie Emery

Marc Emery and Jodie Emery

 Miguel Lopez

Miguel Lopez

People protest the jailing of marijuana gangsters like Marc Emery but patients and supporters alike are unaware that Beaster Barons like Marc Emery are helping keep marijuana illegal in the United States because it kills their pocket books. Marc Emery worked with French Canadian kingpins like Jimmy Cournoyer, the flashy drug billionaire mentioned in last year’s New York Post for trading Beasters from BC through Washington in exchange for Cali-seeds. Men like Cournoyer facilitate marijuana transactions with East Coast crime families, with the Marijuana Mafia in California getting the cream of the profits as the returns come in from exporting California’s premium marijuana abroad to sell at 75 to 95$ an eighth.

The Old Hippies must now realize that Colorado is the ultimate attempt to hijack medical marijuana from being a movement about medicine to a movement about mob controlled narco trafficking. The Sons of the Man of the Mountain have been fooled into believing that wax is really the new dawn, when really it is their downfall. The DEA is more interested in hash and wax production than they are in bud production, probably because the Marijuana Mafia are claiming that California wax production is criminal while Colorado flower production is medical? But that’s the truth that is what Weed 2 was all about, demarcating Colorado as the medical state while framing California as the wax and druggie state, but would the Old Hippies and the medical experts really agree? I highly doubt it but the truth lies in the eyes of the beholder, and CNN is influential on many eyes. DeAngelo and Lopez want California to remain in its state of haziness on Marijuana laws because it allows them more time to destroy the California market and move their ill-gotten gains and illegal profits to ‘more fertile grounds’ in Colorado; from Colorado, a state where police departments are bought and paid, it is easier to deny the federal government access to stop the Marijuana Mafia from enslaving all of Medical Marijuanadom.

Just think about Weed Country, why is CAMP (California DEA) in that show? If Weed Country is showing the smugglers and they are also talking to CAMP, what is to stop CAMP from forcing DeAngelo to sell out the Weed Country smugglers? The answer is simple, because DeAngelo and CAMP are working together. If the hand of the law is under your thumb it’s pretty easy to get them to job out any uncooperative hippies and growers. A farm doesn’t do what the Marijuana Mafia wants, they get raided. A dispensary doesn’t do what the Marijuana Mafia wants, they get raided. Somebody tries to tell the truth, killed or arrested. This is a form of enslavement through corruption and coercion, just like the Coachmen intended for Pinocchio and his friends.     “Enslavement”

These men don’t care about medical marijuana, if they did they wouldn’t be improving the flows of Mexican Brick and BC Beasters. They wouldn’t be baiting switching the patients and entrapping caring growers with corrupt lawyers in the name of ‘marijuana laws and legal defense’. The money the patients have given to dispensaries that are controlled by ASA, controlled by NORML, controlled by MPP and Soros are using their profits to destroy other dispensaries so they don’t have to compete with anyone, so they can communize the medical marijuana market under their grip for profit, nothing more. They aren’t using their profits to subsidize or improve patient care. This is the cancer that We face while We The People try to free our medicine.

The worst part of all of this, the whoring and jobbing out of the great state of California by a bunch of East Coast Punks that want us to all to smoke their bullshit swag. Instead of getting better at growing, working on improving their trade, they are just trying to slam that brick down our lungs and defile the beauty of California. DeAngelo is from DC, Lopez is from Mexico, and Don Duncan is from TEXAS; why should any of these people give a shit about California? They are all from places that hate us and our free thinking ways. The Marijuana Mafia are Marijuana Carpet Baggers and like the carpetbaggers of old they intend to hang California and especially the Old Hippies out to dry.

Stevie D

Stevie D    “Steve Kubby on Marijuana Mafia”

*Some opinions of the Steve Kubby Show are not our own, The Green Chazzan is pro-medical.

The Green Chazzan

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29 thoughts on “The Marijuana Mafia

  1. John Dave says:

    Wow, thank you so much for reporting this. In Oregon there are many symptoms of what you’ve described; but its very hard to find information on the bigger picture. The lack of information gives these people power to intimidate.

  2. Steve Sarich says:

    Outstanding Article! The Washington Marijuana will be meeting will be held in Seattle on January 9th. All your favorite goomba’s will be in attendance. This is bill as a “Cannabis Summit”, but tickets, including the rubber chicken, are $250 a ticket so you can be pretty sure that this is not a “patient event”, but rather an event to figure out how to get rid of the words “medical cannabis” or “patients”…..just wipe them from the history books and then force them to buy their medication, at four times the price, from the Marijuana Mafia.

    All the local mafioso wanna-bees will be speaking, the ASA will be there, two representatives from the Hempfest Cult will be headline speakers. Everyone will be there….except representatives from the medical patient community.

    Will they appoint a new “Don” here in Washington? John Davis has certainly been lobbyint for the job, but he’s a blathering idiot. That almost seems to be a requirement for Mafia membership with this bunch.

    I’m sorry Tommy Chong is participating in this charade. You wouldn’t see Jack Herer at this Mafia Summit.

    I’m really sorry to see members of the hemp community participating in the event. You will see the Mafia’s lobbyists trying to kill the industrial hemp bill here to protect their outdoor crops from cross-polination. Lay down with dogs….

    The REAL Hemp people in Washington are the farmers…..who will crush these guys like cockroaches. They are the biggest kids on the block and they don’t care who these Toy-R-Us wanna-bee gangsters think they are. They run huge corporations that control this state’s economy….and the Farm Bureau doesn’t have just have a lobbyist in Olympia, or an office in Olympia…..they have their own three story building full of lobbyists, not far from the Capital campus.

    Apparently the hemp people that are going to this event are unaware of the Mafia’s stand against hemp. You’d think they might have at least checked before agreeing to be there. If they think the Mafia will control hemp…’s not pot that they’re smoking.

  3. former owner of a Mom & Pop called the Helping Hands Patient Center in Hayward Ca from 2001 to 2003 … your reporting is right on … the stories we could tell …

  4. dawn says:

    Well . . I agree . . sort of . I’ve been growing in Oregon for almost 20yrs and out of the hundred or so growers I know, NONE have bought seeds . sure we trade some every now and again or produce some when mixing strains ect. But there are hundreds of thousands of clones available from mexico to Canada. I don’t doubt that there really is a marijuana mafia, in fact I’m sure of it. And seeds . . . are for hippes from the 70’s and botanists !! #FFA #growyourown#OREGON

    • phillip d chillum says:

      while there isnt a seed business except for newbies and some without access to clones, its mostly the clone game in PNW, however, asa &norml are evil and have worked with cities in CA to make most dispenseries ilegal other than thise they set up. LA county, san diego county, 2010, 2011, look it up

  5. jeffz303 says:

    If you’ve ever met Steve DeAngelo for more that 10 seconds and not come to the immediate conclusion that he’s one of the single biggest clownish douche-bags to have ever walked God’s green earth, then I would suggest having your douche-bag radar updated.

  6. DUST says:

    Great article. Well written and very informative.

  7. DUST says:

    Reblogged this on FresGRO Unified BLOG and commented:
    This site is a must read for all serious cannabis activists. It does a great job defining and pointing out the underlying and systemic problems that plague the cannabis community as a whole.

  8. Jeff Brown says:

    Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. Any law against it is a crime against humanity.

  9. BISHOP says:

    Yeah this is pretty accurate. Get everybody to buy their commercialized crap at astronomical prices yet say they are non profit. The “little guys” who grow and idolize these degenerates get arrested, lives destroyed and forgotten about. There are no support rallies for them. No fundraisers.
    People in the “industry” or “community” are pretentious shit bags who manipulate the uneducated public. They make impossible to be taken seriously with their frat party antics at “events” and “freedom rallies” filled with rejects from the business world.
    Everyone is seriously questioning why recreational marijuana is still illegal??? I wholeheartedly agree there immense medical benefits to marijuana but the medical weed thing is a joke.

  10. patmonk says:

    It was a foregone conclusion that BigBrother and BigPotPharma would continue prohibition. With very few exceptions EVERY piece of passed or proposed ‘legislation’ has simply imposed more controls, restrictions and repercussions in order to maximize revenues and profits. Once these ‘laws’ are codified to their satisfaction it will be virtually impossible to ‘correct’ them. I have no interest in the commercialization of cannabis; they can tax and regulate themselves up the wazoo; just in at least restoring and protecting our individual/collective rights to engage freely in all and any consensual, non-commercial cannabis activities as we so choose. I suggest everyone read and consider supporting the following. Just my 2c.

  11. Tom Korby says:


  12. As a patient and an advocate of using natural medicine, this article is really eye opening. I have pondered the question about my own experiences using Marijuana oil to treat cancer. My thought was is that if the general public knew about the medical potential we would have the laws changed overnight.I mean really ! TREATING CANCER ! But when this story is added the picture becomes much clearer, in fact our own people want to hold the plant hostage for more personal financial interests.I am dying of the problems associated with prohibition of Marijuana first hand, Greed.

  13. larry says:

    spread the word

    in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
    Abrogation may refer to:
    The abolition or repeal of a law, institution, custom etc.
    abrogatio, the Latin term for legal annulment under Roman law
    Abrogation of Old Covenant laws, the ending or setting aside of Old Testament stipulations for the New Testament.
    Denunciation (international law) of a treaty Canceling of effects, To nullify; make void.
    Abrogation doctrine, a doctrine in United States constitutional law

    STOP feeding the IGNORANCE!
    Cannabis can help us HEAL OUR SICK, PLANET and ECONOMY!
    If anyone tries to tell you DIFFERENTLY they are either LYING or IGNORANT.

  14. Thanks for this piece. I see that’s opening many eyes to some of what has been happening within OUR movement. The People started this movement to end the unjust prohibition of nature’s most medicinal plant, and it seems to me that we, the People will not rest until we have achieved the freedom to grow cannabis and treat ourselves naturally. Gangsters and profiteers will come and go – kingpins will rise and fall, but Nature’s answer to what ails us – will be around forever. GMO frankenseeds – no thanks.

  15. kathleen chippi says:

    Well done. I agree with everything except I question Miguel Lopez having much involvement. I have known him for years. His only asset-the 4-20 Denver celebration-which he did ‘sellout’ the last 2 years but prior that he was a broke toker.

    Steve Fox from MPP, DC, Mason Tvert MPP/safer, Betty Aldworth ASA and Brian Vicente MPP/sensible(lol), Trip Kebers Dixie Elixers, are the scum in CO, Steve wrote A64 and was invested in Dixie Elixers (illegally under MPP’s own rules and regs that banned out of state investment from medicinal.) He moved here after A64 passed.

    The A64 SCAMpaign told the title board A64 did not legalize and to say it did would be legally inaccurate. Then they walked out the door and marketed it as legalization. I filed complaint in violation of initiative law, as you can not mislead voters…and nothing was done–they were permitted to continue on. Now we have over 1,000 new pages of cannabis prohibitions and 2 new class 1 felonies for the safest therapeutic substance known to man. These fuckers who claim to be on our team never have been. They called Jack crazy and Dennis worse. They are darkness/evil.

  16. CannabisIsMedicine says:

    I believe what is said here is partially correct. But the blame lays with law and taxation and not the money hungry. Let us researchers and educators work and build and we will change medical marijuana into medicine. I know because I do. And there have to be more like me. It isn’t about just cannabis, it is about the individual and the individual disease. There is no one size fits all approach, because each is unique and that is where pharma fails, besides the fact that they have stockholders. The only way pharma can survive is if you remain ill. Cannabis however is not only curative but also preventative. It is also nutrition and much more. Humans are somewhat symbiotic with cannabis and this needs further reaearch. Mitochondria are making dna changes based on the lack of cannabis in humans and this needs to be stopped before CNS DISORDERS Abound in the human race. I am standing up and doing what I can at a financial loss to myself so others have a chance, I wouldnt mind making money with what I do, but in the end I know I have made improvements in people’s lives. Food for thought, those who smoke every day are not recreational users, they are medical, they are just self medicating.

    If you understand cannabis and can make real medicine for people then stand the hell up and do it. Stop hiding and letting people screw this system up, to me it is a matter of human existence, if we don’t do it, all humans as we know them may very well have massive dna mutation and cease functioning properly. Think about that as you sit in fear of actually making medicine… or as you rip off the new cannabis user for profit only. Make money but not at the cost of human life at such a critical point.

    If you understood what I just wrote, then you are one of the elite that has the capacity to know truth.

  17. Unbelievable crap, no single group can corner the seed market, I know as I started the worlds first Cannabis seed company back in 1976. “The answer to that question lies in the domination of seed markets. The primary sources of seeds used throughout North America find their sources in California’s Emerald Triangle, Canada’s British Columbia and Kentucky’s Appalachian mountains. This means that the legalization states are always hamstrung for high quality seeds and are dependent on importing the seeds from seed producing regions. The Marijuana Mafia has made it their business since the passage of Proposition 215 to slowly takeover the California seed market, working in tandem with their relationships in the French Canadian mob who were doing the same in Canada.” Seeds are made in many countries besides the USA and Canada, you have no idea what you are talking about. In the USA and Canada more Cannabis is grown from clones then seeds, do you even know that? The author did not even put their name on the article, I wonder why? Most seeds in the EU are made in Spain, but they are made in every country to some degree. And many more Cannabis seeds are made in countries other then the USA & Canada, your statements show your lack of understanding of these issues.

  18. Debra A. Shannon says:


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