Free Grazing & Law Breaking: Cliven Bundy’s Stand against the Government

The truth about the Grazing Controversy in Nevada and the so called “Stand” that took place there by the right wing nutcases.

The Southwest Journal

Hoodoo Brown and the Dodge City Gang - Photo Courtesty of Hoodoo Brown and the Dodge City Gang – Photo Courtesy of

Here in America, we love our outlaws. We idolize them, romanticize them, and keep them alive in songs, folklore, stories, and movies. What is it that is so alluring about them? Perhaps it is for how they are remembered in myth as being Robin Hood type figures. Or maybe it is their bravado to stick a finger in the eye of the government, their courage and daring against all odds, or even their arrogance to attempt such feats that captures our imagination, but history remembers them differently. Outlaws were often murderers, thieves, gamblers, and criminals who did very little for the common or local folk. While they might be charming in movies and we can admire them from afar, none of us likes a law breaker. We all inherently understand this when we are the victim of law…

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