Narc vs. Narc 2: The California Cannabis Coup D’etat


Why was medical marijuana conceived? To quote a great man, it was conceived “to free a plant, to free a people, to free a planet”. Marijuana’s past had been lost in over a century of prohibition brought upon by an extreme belief in the pseudoscience of eugenics, previously used as a medicine to heal the central nervous system and the immune system for thousands of years. Marijuana had nearly come to be free again several times in the 1960’s and 1970’s but, due to financial forces seeking to keep the plant bonded and the people dependent on their products and services, the promised reform never came. The state created an organization called the Drug Enforcement Agency who were given carte blanche to enhance the prison complex by distributing drugs from cannabis to crack throughout the United States to entrap US citizens and confiscate their wealth for four decades. So medical marijuana had to be created, to free the pharmaceutical benefits of a plant, to free a people from an abuse of power and to free the planet from abuse of its resources.

Compassionate Use

Dennis Peron and Jack Herer - Heroes of Marijuana

Jack Herer and Dennis Peron – Heroes of Medical Marijuana

The modern era of medical marijuana reform in the United States began with the passage of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 also known as Proposition 215. The Proposition was created by famous Pioneers of Medical Marijuana Dennis Peron and John Entwhistle Jr. in collaboration with the old Prop 215 gang Anna Boyce RN, Valerie Corral, Dale Gieringer, Thomas Seiler, William Panzer, the infamous Scott Imler, Steve Kubby, and psychiatrist Tod H. Mikuriya. Proposition 215 was organized when Peron united with Los Angeles AIDS commissioner Richard Eastman and Dr. Charles Farthing of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to lobby the State of California to make medical marijuana available to critically and terminally ill patients throughout the state.

Most Americans don’t realize that when Proposition 215 was first created there was a clause that existed within the bill that prevented law enforcement from abusing their powers to turn California into a state of quasi-legality and quasi-enforcement, there was more comprehensive allocations to the patients regarding insurance and general protections from prosecution were clearly delineated. However on the eve of the due date of Prop 215’s ballot signatures, Peron had come to realize that they did not have enough signatures to introduce Prop 215 on the ballot. Peron and the other Pioneers knew that the window of government allowance for such a piece of legislation would be short. They were desperate to find funding and gather enough signatures, Peron found himself without a choice and he turned to the only willing hand, George Soros.

George Soros

George Soros

George Soros had a long held interest in medical marijuana because he has heard rumors that the DEA had buried studies since the 1960s showing that certain strains of medical marijuana could extend life. Soros, already a major shareholder in several large pharmaceutical corporations throughout the world, wanted to dominate the cannabis seed market and take control of literally the entire marijuana market for his own profit, much like how Edison stole many inventions from Tesla so did Soros seek to steal cannabis’ medical secrets from the hippies and masters of medicine like Dennis Peron and Jack Herer. Peron, delinquent on signatures and funding was left with little choice but to cave in to the corporate consortium led by Soros and followed by business magnates like George Zimmer and Peter Lewis.  Soros used his financial and political prowess to immediately dominate the political proceedings for Proposition 215.

Soros quickly worked to build his alliances within the state by promising more leeway to the medical community in the legislation while also cutting a deal with the California Police Unions and Prison Unions to allow law enforcement activities against patients and dispensaries to continue unabated. Both Soros and Peter Lewis saw that it was in their interests to keep a law enforcement loophole open so they could employ gangs, corrupt police and DEA officials to conduct raids against competition, namely his former Prop 215 business partners the Pioneers of Medical Marijuana and the Green Triangle.

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Soros and Lewis would act upon this ruthlessly during the Bush years as they would soon discover that their dispensaries had trouble competing with the superior growing techniques of the Emerald Triangle and the California Hippies who had been growing themselves since the beginning of the Vietnam War. The hippies believed in the spirit and moral guidance of the original Proposition 215 and they tried to offer the marijuana at lower cost with superior quality to the people of California. This was completely contradictory to Soros’ plan, as he sought to monopolize the finer seeds and utilize them to develop pharmaceutical syntheses that he could patent and control. Soros turned to the Republican Party who had experience from the Sensimilla Wars of the late 70’s to early 80’s in creating intimidation campaigns against growers and doctors in California. Despite Democratic leadership, Republicans had been deeply imbedded in the executive offices of the government since the Nixon and Reagan eras; the DEA was practically a drug running paramilitary wing of the GOP after being utilized by the CIA to run operations in South America in the 70’s and 80s. They were especially loyal to Consortium power brokers like George H.W. Bush whose son, George W Bush, was unfortunately fated to win a controversial election in Soros’ favor in 2000.

The Bush Doctrine

That's Our Bush

That’s Our Bush

When George W Bush came to power, our long national nightmare truly began and to add insult to injury the Bush Justice Department catered to Soros’ demands: eliminate competition within the Emerald Triangle to the best of their ability and deliver the seeds of the hippies to him in which Soros would ensure premium compensation. Bush, on behest of his father Bush Sr. who shared financial interests with Soros in pharmaceutical opium from abroad, sent Dick Cheney to meet with a private group of individuals of which included Peter Lewis, Paul Wolfowitz, George Soros, the Reynolds family, the Seagrams family and a number of other billionaires to discuss the ‘opportunities’ the impending conflict in Afghanistan could provide. Many of the executives in the room were top Anglo-American pharmaceutical interests who were primarily interested in dealing with the Northern Alliance warlords of Afghanistan and acquiring the best opium on the planet to be used to mass produce millions of painkillers throughout America and Europe.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar – Afghan Opium Warlord

Soros and Lewis made their opinions clear at the meeting that they were more interested in the rare sativa and indica found in the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Along with the new heroin route from the Golden Crescent to the Middle East, it had to be guaranteed that large supplies of rare cannabis and especially cannabis seeds were included. Routes were also created through Pakistan to India and Thailand to ship cannabis and heroin eastward to California.

“…….after American and British troops invaded Afghanistan, removed the Taliban and installed the interim government, the land under cultivation leapt back to 285 square miles (740 km2), with Afghanistan supplanting Burma to become the world’s largest opium producer once more. Opium production in that country has increased rapidly since, reaching an all-time high in 2006. According to DEA statistics, Afghanistan’s production of oven-dried opium increased to 1,278 tons in 2002, more than doubled by 2003, and nearly doubled again during 2004. In late 2004, the U.S. government estimated that 206,000 hectares were under poppy cultivation, 4.5% of the country’s total cropland, and produced 4,200 metric tons of opium, 76% of the world’s supply, yielding 60% of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product.[98] In 2006, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimated production to have risen 59% to 407,000 acres (1,650 km2) in cultivation, yielding 6,100 tons of opium, 82% of the world’s supply.[99] The value of the resulting heroin was estimated at $3.5 billion, of which Afghan farmers were estimated to have received $700 million in revenue. For farmers, the crop can be up to ten times more profitable than wheat. The price of opium is around $138 per kilo. Opium production has led to rising tensions in Afghan villages. Though direct conflict has yet to occur, the opinions of the new class of young, rich men involved in the opium trade are at odds with those of the traditional village leaders.”

BBC News Aug 2, 2006 “UN Warns of Soaring Afghan Opium”

Soros needed a man to go around the world and arrange a centralized seed distribution system that he could control. The man for that job was someone with whom Soros had worked with before to control cannabis in Holland, Arjan Roskam the so called ‘Strain Hunter’. Roskam was connected globally to drug cartels and could use his connections with South American, African and Asian narco-traffickers to import their strains and also make the seed pipeline more efficient for his benefactor Soros. Watching the most recent marijuana special on Vice News featuring Roskam, it is clear to see that he is connected to narco-traffickers in Colombia.

Arjan Roskam

Arjan Roskam

Soros was able to entrap many of the California growers by introducing exotic seeds from Afghanistan, rare indicas that were not previously available on the shores of California. From a grower’s perspective, how could they pass it up. The potential of the new plants were relatively unknown and the prospect of newer, stronger, healthier, more potent and better pharmaceutical grade plants was impossible to simply just be left alone. After the growers created the strains Soros and his consortium would use their DEA assets to raid the farms and seize the seeds while arresting its creators. This led to large scale friction and distrust of other up in Northern California; the marijuana movement had been contaminated by the corporate oligarchy from its beginning.

Arjan Roskam on Vice News:

George Soros and Peter Lewis next formed three lobby organizations that hired Bush DEA officials in favor of their agenda, the Marijuana Policy Project, Americans For Safe Access led by rogue DEA agent Don Duncan and the Drug Policy Alliance led by Ethan Nadelmann. The goal of all three of these organizations was to use the influence of the billionaires to pressure municipal legislators into enacting legislation that disqualified and disallowed their competition from going into business.

Marc Emery

Marc Emery

Marc Emery was also an individual that came under the influence of Soros and Lewis following the passage of Prop 215 in 1997. Emery, like Peron, had hoped Soros influence would be enough to empower him to defy the Canadian government and bring about marijuana reform in Canada as well. After being raided several times by Canadian authorities Emery was beginning to see the game that was being played, many of his farmers were being sold out by his new business partners to the Canadian government in exchange for their seed hauls which Soros was gobbling up by the truckload.

Emery defied Soros and Lewis by starting a mail order seed service that became the largest in the world, distributing hemp and marijuana seeds to every corner of the Earth in an attempt to stop Soros and Lewis from cornering the global marijuana seed market by taking over Canada and then California. Soros and his partners would inevitably have Emery imprisoned and extradited to the United States in 2005 as punishment for what Soros viewed as the ultimate sin.

Welcome home Marc.

Proposition 19

Rouge DEA - Richard Lee

Rouge DEA Agent Richard Lee

Prop 19, also known as the “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act” was created to monopolize the California marijuana industry under the power of Soros and his consortium. A new upstart group was formed from Duncan, Nadelmann, Steve DeAngelo, Richard Lee,  and some of the more greedy members of the marijuana elite to lead a business coup against the Pioneers of Medical Marijuana in the form of the legislation known as Proposition 19. The group had already made a fortune selling out rival dispensaries and growers to greedy California attorneys and the DEA of which many of them, including Duncan and Lee, were agents of.  Proposition 19 sought to further strip patient protections and entrap many rival growers to  Soros’ & the Consortium’s own group of marijuana cultivators.

Soros intended for Prop 19 to be the ultimate assault upon the Emerald Triangle. Despite importing seeds from around the world, Soros and his consortium failed to stem the dominance of the Green Triangle and its superior quality of medical marijuana. He wanted the ability to seize the marijuana farms of Northern California in a similar manner to that of George Deukmeijian circa 1980.

The Triangle, along with several other entities managed to defeat Prop 19 at the ballot however many marijuana advocates failed to realize that it was a two pronged attack. As Prop 19 failed the vote in 2010, the municipal bans that were planned by Soros and the League of California cities continued to be implemented statewide starting in Long Beach and spreading through California counties like a wildfire. Jack Herer also died that year, fracturing the Pro-Medical movement with the loss of his leadership and giving power over to the new Soros backed movement called Legalization.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Antonio Villaraigosa

The City of Long Beach was the first to take the lead with the fraudulent lottery perpetuated by City Attorney Robert Shannon and Mayor Bob Foster and the brutal crackdowns that followed on anyone that dared to compete with the anointed dispensaries that had paid their lords the proper tribute. Los Angeles attempted to follow suit, spearheaded by the traitorous Antonio Villaraigosa (a professed advocate) and Jose Huizar banning thousands of marijuana dispensaries throughout LA and allowing certain, more favorable dispensaries to remain open; not to mention those of the Mexican drug cartels.

Many dispensaries desperately turned to ASA, MPP, NORML and DPA for help. They found themselves in even worse hands among Soros litter as ASA attorneys drained the dispensaries dry of their financial resources and practically handed them over to county and state prosecutors on a silver platter. Marijuana attorneys made a profitable business out of offering their expertise at very high rates and then underperforming on the court case, often with the intention of acquiring their client’s very profitable medical marijuana dispensary for themselves.

Medical Marijuana vs. The Legal Marijuana Mob

The Marijuana Mafia. as we have previously acknowledged in past posts (see bottom), has a hand that controls its puppet strings and it is, as we also mentioned before, called The Consortium or The Opium Mob. A group of large big business interests that have held control over opiates and pharmaceuticals for well over 100 years and of whose actions are currently being led by George Soros to dominate the global marijuana seed markets so that they may ensure that their financial dominance along with the hegemony of the opium plant (plant of death) over the marijuana plant (plant of life) continue.

Steve DeAngelo aka Steve The Douche

Steve DeAngelo – DC Mobster

The Marijuana Mafia is currently in political struggle with the Pro-Medical patients advocacy groups that are seeking to see marijuana regulated as a medication, not regulated as an OTC intoxicant like alcohol. Pro-Medical advocates stand by the healing potential of the marijuana plant, advocating a potential worldwide multi-trillion dollar industry within ten years if medical research and grower innovation is allowed to continue in accordance with medically oriented regulations like Proposition 215. The Marijuana Mafia is fixated on seed control and short term profit through standard OTC marijuana sales, not wishing to explore or develop new strains but rather produce as much quantity and volume as they can, while stifling competition, innovation, improvement and exploration of the cannabis plant itself. The Marijuana Mafia have been DEA collaborators for the past twenty years, exercising their connections to put good growers like Eddie Lepp in jail so that he couldn’t produce medicine that could actually help the patients because it competed with the Mafia’s bottom line.

Mayor Eric Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti

Their latest victory has been the passage of Proposition D in Los Angeles, championed by Villaraigosa and the notoriously corrupt LA County Board of Supervisors as a way to regulate marijuana collectives it has once again fostered an environment of unfair competition, police and municipal corruption and an increase in price while a decline in quality. Current Mayor Eric Garcetti has said nothing in regards to reforming the city or county Marijuana law. Interestingly enough, some of the champions of the law, like Cheryl Shuman, have been shut down under the regulation that they sponsored. Her Marijuana Farmers Market in Boyle Heights was shut down under the pretext of Proposition D, ah irony.

This madness needs to end.

A Glimmer of Hope

With that being said, I am proud that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder recognized Washington and Colorado’s states’ rights to medical marijuana.  De Facto acknowledging California’s right to Medical Marijuana as well along with all other states that have passed their own medical marijuana regulation. The President has brought the country ever a step closer to the golden goal of rescheduling Medical Marijuana to a Class IV or V controlled substance; the final nail in the coffin of 100 years of prohibition and entrapment. God Bless America.

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief


-The Green Chazzan

The Marijuana Mafia ****That’s right! We reported it first!!!!!!”

Marijuana in Afghanistan


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35 thoughts on “Narc vs. Narc 2: The California Cannabis Coup D’etat

  1. Mike Boutin,

    Good to hear from you. This article is one of several about medical marijuana history from our content providers, please explore and enjoy our website. For articles on earlier Marijuana history, we advise you check out our most recent series here:

    -The Green Chazzan

    • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

      I have inquired of Mike why he is so negative about this article…

      • Probably because he was on TV with the Soros Sellouts, Weed Country and Weed Wars were both produced by DeAngelo’s Network, that is just our opinion but we know where DeAngelo comes from. If Mike cared about the patients he would have renounced his association with them, but he did not; he took the money and the fame instead. At the very least he could have used his fame to spread the truth, he did not. Not very compassionate.

      • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

        I have known Mike for a long time. He did get some fame from the TV show, but no money. He has grown cannabis for patients as a cooperative and kept prices down. If he got into bad company with DeAngelo, he probably has not caught on to the restraint of trade that he and Soros are into. That ploy was at the root of the prohibition we suffer coming from wood pulp paper Hearst and Rockefeller oil and Dupont Nylon. Each of these was complicit in making hemp illegal.

      • We heard a rumor about that, then he joins the ranks of all of us who have been used and abused by the Marijuana Warlords from DeAngelo to Don Duncan to Kim Quiggle; these carpetbaggers have come into California and have used up our resources like parasites. None of them are from California, they are here to just mine our resources.

        Prohibition now has less to do with hemp and more to do with marijuana’s medical traits on the immune system. A multi-trillion dollar opium market will be displaced by it and that is why Soro & Friends took interest as did the Neo-Con’s who are backed in large part by Big Pharma aka. the biggest losers from marijuana decriminalization.

        We get frustrated with those television shows because it makes us look foolish, like drug dealers and none of us are including Mike. We can’t allow the media to represent us this way, We have to educate the public on the medical properties of the plant if we are to win their support, patient and non-patient alike.

      • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

        Mike and Tawni did their best to represent the best about compassionate growing but of course the media wanted sensationalism. Despite that disrespect, I think they managed to get the message out even though a lot of the information they tried to get out was edited out. However, I disagree with you because right now with the 1% chomping to have more power and money, they will buy the land to grow hemp and will thereby retain the control over fuel after they destroy the water with their fracking in competition with the ending of the reserves in Saudi Arabia. The film Syriana really tells the story still what is going on now…with the Chinese wrangling the last oil for their use that was not so prevalent when that film was made, but is exactly what is happening now. And the need for paper has diminished with email etc. but if we lose electricity due to a solar flare or whatever, then what is stored in computers will be lost. The gold that the pentagon lost and the gold that was lost under building seven of the WTC is all part of the giant financial scam that oil gold money power and these 1000 people who own 95% of the wealth are perpetrating on the rest of us and their plan is to eliminate 90 % of population of the planet. We really need to be kind to our own and advise them when they are being co opted without realizing it.

      • My issue is that growers need to remember the movement when they go to represent the movement; lately we have been disappointed because we have been painted by people like DeAngelo as party people, not compassionate caregivers for the patients which is the tip of our spear for national decriminalization. We can compete with the larger corporate interests but we have to get smarter about it, instead we have allowed their operatives to divide our movement from within using money and infamy. We have to settle our differences and focus ourselves. The pharmaceutical powers of the medicine is what wins the battle, APRA was here yesterday and they told us that several marijuana strains regenerate dead cells. That is why the alcohol and tobacco comparison is a non-starter with the federal government; they know better from their own studies and we know better from reviewing their comments. The wider plot of our enemy is not of consequence if we cannot unite to win this single front on medical marijuana; federal decriminalization through rescheduling is their Achilles heel and the rest of their monolith will begin to fall once the door is open. The President is wise enough to understand that the US can get its gold back through hemp exports just like FDR did, just like we mentioned in our articles.

      • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

        I have no beef with any use of the plant. Those who enjoy it for a relaxing time with friends are still enhancing their health because it is good for us as long as not abused, which means over use. People, young ones in particular, need to be told what happens when it is abused. They become indecisive and easily manipulated, loss of discrimination, and they become a bit discombobulated…tipping over the bong is a symptom…there is short term memory gaps that leave upon stopping the abuse. Extreme over use leads to loss of appetite…especially good in starvation circumstances where this symptom was noted in the 1800’s report from India and then the eyes of those who over use get a ropey look in the conjunctiva. I absolutely agree we must unite and prevent our freedom to grow and use the herb from being stolen from us by power interests who will make GMO seed and lord knows what they will put in the plant given that they put insecticide making capabilities in corn that make our cells produce insecticide in our stomachs. I disagree that the wider plot is not of consequence because it directs their fanatical need for power. Rescheduling is not what we need because it has no business being scheduled at all. We need a repeal of all illegal laws against using natural seeds of any kind as we see the powers that wield law make organic farmers pay while Monsanto gets to destroy the genetics of the earth’s crops. We are fighting in a wide arena that looks at organic farmers as eco-terrorists and need to engage those who are against fracking, against GMO, against drugging their kids and all of us will be an army for freeing this plant and the planet from their money grubbing insanity

      • We have an issue with the promotion of wax/dab, since it comes from scrap. That is not healthy for the patients at all especially with the potential for H2S exposure. The fact that it is being promoted over flowers to us is not taking care of the patients, that’s about making a quick dollar but that hurts our long term viability because it demonstrates a lack of commercial sector maturity.

        As a doctor you should understand that a scheduled narcotic cannot be unscheduled, so what you are arguing for is legally impractical; the best result that you can hope for is a Schedule V narcotic. Like our guest said yesterday, it is better to move towards shaping the regulation that is beneficial to both the Domestic patients, the cultivators and the distributors. Even alcohol is regulated but it is taxed because it is not considered a pharmaceutical, so why would you want the government to have the ability to impose taxes upon you? That doesn’t make sense nor is it legally possible especially with their being studies of marijuana’s medical efficacy. Many things sold in stores OTC are Schedule V narcotics, its not the end of the world by a long shot, rather an opportunity if you look into it. Also lets consider that your argument was created by Soros to upend our movement, so why continue to stand by it?

        The wider plot is irrelevant if you can’t win this simple battle, how do you expect people with less sense to believe in your credibility if we can’t demonstrate credibility on our primary issue? Many lobbyists have told us that we need to work on building our credibility, something clearly legalization groups like ASA, MPP and DPA have failed to do. The original argument was on the basis of medical efficacy, how can you just change your argument mid-way to blanket legalization and expect the federal government to simply approve it? Why would they not move toward imposing some sort of regulatory criteria based on the original argument? Political realities have to be understood and acknowledged.

      • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

        I know zero about dab and if it is unsafe, I respect your concern completely. That is why I think dispensaries that give out tested cannabis with known qualities as to CBD and THC etc are essential for patients. I propose that these will not be taxed because medicine. I also think that the government can allow cannabis in liquor stores and it can be taxed and if there are those who want dab well that is where they can get it. The government also allows people to make their own alcohol so growing one’s own cannabis must be allowed and that is not taxed nor is it sold but used by the grower for own purposes whether rec or med.
        I had this pov before Soros and do not think my position favors him at all…so to say I am in his camp is definitely fighting words…and when I opposed Prop 19 I was called a prohibitionist by another long time friend and activist whose name I will not put here as that would muddy waters and that isn’t needed in this movement as you have noted.
        We disagree on the import of the wider battle. That is not critical to us realizing we are allies essentially. The problem is that we are mired in that battle and it is not simple even as we present it as such as compassionate use for sick people .. if you can win the public with that and that win gets us to some freedom, I am all for it. What I see is that even national elections are co-opted and the win goes against the majority…so I have little hope for winning without a giant evolution that might devolve into a revolution and I sincerely hope that does not happen but know it may since we may not really be in the times when the forecast change is about to happen.
        I still call for the medical patients to back proposition Jack Herer and get out the signatures for that. That was promised and I attest to that and demand it in his name as he can not now.

      • Dr. Rose we appreciate your concerns and we think we relatively see eye-to-eye on the matter. The problem is Dr. Rose its federally prohibited to sell medication at a liquor store, but its ok because honestly by maintaining a dispensary or pharmacy model creates jobs while the liquor store function would eliminate them. We believe that patients should be able to continue to grow their own medicine and that farming should be an available occupation to all. Marijuana simply needs its own unique regulations to protect the unique nature of the industry from foreign competition aka cartels and patients from harmful environmental factors like fungus.

        A new California proposition is irrelevant because the federal government already recognizes Prop 215, we just had APRA on yesterday to talk about how they are preparing HIPAA and ADA lawsuits based on cities and police violation of those rights since the federal government has recognized Prop 215 as of last month. A new bill is simply an effort to limit who and who may not participate, Prop 215 allows all to participate and now its federally recognized state law. The next step is to bring suit against the DEA and Law enforcement and reschedule medical marijuana to make the change permanent.

      • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

        Excellent news on 215 recognized I had not heard that. I will relay to Rev. Roger Christie. You misunderstand me when you suggest selling meds at a liquor store. I am proposing that meds be sold at a dispensary and that cannabis that is not of med quality without med assay be sold at liquor stores recognizing that people do want it who do not have a Rx and who do not want to grow it.

        We utterly disagree on whether we need another proposition because hemp needs to be grown and Jack Herer’s initiative does what prop 215 does not do. And again I assert for the record that the med folks promised to help get Jack’s initiative on the ballot, because while Jack dearly loved to smoke pot, he was intent on saving the planet.

        If med mj is rescheduled to a one and can be sold over counter…then the liquor store model holds as well…or the tobacco one both keep it out of the hands of underage.

      • So you suggest we allow the liquor and alcohol lobby to dictate the terms of regulation? They have only been behind marijuana prohibition for 100 years….You have a very deep misunderstanding of federal regulations, We have spoken with experts from Washington on the matter and you are factually incorrect because medical marijuana is registered under the DHHS as a pharmaceutical. That means it must be dispensed like a medicine via collective or dispensary, not a liquor store or tobacco shop our #1 political rivals….Prop 215 is in compliance with the Cole Memorandum, all new referendums going forward must be in compliance with that as well. Why screw up something that already works just like Prop 19 almost did? Prop 19 practically handed the emerald triangle to Soros on a silver platter; yet you keep returning to the same well. The federal government will only recognize a law that complies with their intent and that is Prop 215 which you must realize is now federally valid and no longer needs amending because patients can now pursue remedy against law enforcement through on-the-book medical laws.

      • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

        What I propose has zero to do with the liquor lobby dictating terms of regulation. It simply allows access to the herb through a medium already established whether a liquor store or a regular store that sells tobacco. Perhaps you are right that there is no way to manage it given present regulations, but cannabis is different and in need of its own place. I am practical enough to recognize that not having regulations is impractical given the perception about children and that it must be kept from them so not allowed to be purchased unless by a certain age. Sick children can receive their herb with some recommendation from a doctor…whether an MD or a DC or Acupuncturist or Natropath…that is what needs to be understood…this is an herb and not a medicine made by pharmaceutical man. There are problems due to our present restriction of the herb that keeps us from seeing simpler solutions…a health store keeping the herb behind the counter so only sold to those of age, but generally available to any who are of age without need of any recommendation by some authority and parents taking responsibility for giving it to children when they have some illness. A child with a sick stomach could have a mild tea made with the herb prepared by the parent’s discretion. What happens if we allow people to grow their own…should they not be allowed? but what if the neighbor kid gets into it? The grower might have the plants in a locked cage, but theft by some determined teen…would that be the fault of the grower?

      • You must understand that Congress is seeking to develop a brand new marijuana law; what you are proposing is using Alcohal and Tobacco regulations, who do you think Congress will then turn to, to make the law? “People with experience” and that won’t be you, it will be RJ Reynolds. “Medical” Marijuana has standards that insulate and protect our industry, its better if marijuana forms its own type of industry with its own unique type of regulations that are based on “medical” pretenses because then doctors, growers, cultivators and distributors of any kind will have way more legal recourse for all of the examples you just mentioned, if the government or an individual tried to impede those rights. What hurts more in court? Suing someone for stealing your beer or stealing your pill bottle? The latter of course, and those are the kind of rights doctors, growers, cultivators, distributors and patients want to protect themselves from predatory regulatory entities and corporate entities; also consider patients have the right not to be poisoned and I don’t mean that they are being poisoned but what if one day right? We have to be mature enough as an industry to account for our patients. You also have to understand that regulation has less to do with product availability and access and much more to do with legal and what qualifies/disqualifies a lawsuit or a charge. We want the power of the suit or charge to be on the patients side first and foremost, with the market participants (growers etc) following shortly after; so far its been in the other direction with the power of suit and charge being with government/law enforcement and large pharmaceutical companies, those people should be at the bottom of the legal pyramid not at the top. All of this has to be considered and the movements lack of familiarity with regulatory affairs has hampered our ability to produce workable regulations.

      • The Bottom Line is Dennis Peron passed Prop 215 almost 18 years ago and instead of uniting together to ensure that the federal government would honor that law, several of you have abused your title, skills and practice to back agents of the Consortium and the DEA who have promised you money in return for selling the rest of us out. You say you are doing this to honor Jack Herer; psh! Jack wanted Prop 215 and greedy bastards like you have soiled his memory in your desire to monopolize the marijuana business. Prop 215 was designed to allow everyone to have access to medical marijuana but you sell outs allowed the DEA to deconstruct Dennis Peron’s dream into this legal guillotine. Now that the federal government has realized that Medical Marijuana is valid and that Prop 215 is valid, you scheming leeches still plot to usurp Prop 215 with your unprofessional and unscrupulous regulatory Cartel. Don Duncan Is a rogue DEA agent, Steve De’Angelo is a DC mobster, Mike Boutin can suck it because willing or not he desecrated the movement and Jack’s memory by being an accessory to their greed. You are a Quack just like Ethan Nadelmann, you ought to be investigated by the Justice Department along with him and DeAngelo for your continued attempts to racketeer the marijuana industry. Its people like you that have limited our freedoms, prevented us from rescheduling by distracting people with your ‘legalization like alcohol’ obstructionism, stop lying to the patients about your expertise because clearly you have none; you don’t even understand federal marijuana laws and that is clear by the blathering incoherent arguments you have presented before us today. We know for a fact that none of you do anything for Jack’s family, you do nothing to honor him, you should be ashamed.

      • Shame on you to use Jack Here name. You are not honoring him. If you honored him then his wife, Jeanne Here would not be suffering today. Not one dime of your so called Jack Here Honore money is going toward helping her. The Pioneers should not be the only one to keep her out of poverty. Therefore, Dr. Rose you are a fraud and greedy like the rest of the greedy tribe you are with. You were not even born when we started this movement. In addition you need to take classes from Dr. Abrams at US Berkley to learn the truth about Medical Marihuana. Dr. Abrams is the real Pioneer doctor of Medical Marihuana and we’ll recognized by the Federal Goverment. You on the other hand is a Quack.

  2. Aaryn Dutton says:

    Ok, so we need you lol. We need to save medical in Cali, and take down ASA and the marijuana mafia. We have been trying to tell people about this for years. Is there any group or org we can help to support and spread the word?

  3. Dr. Jeri Rose says:

    I was there when the medical folks promised Jack Herer that if he supported 215 they would back his proposition and get it on the ballot. Mikey has been trying to do that in Jack’s name and the Medical folks have not kept that promise. The real freeing of the plant will get hemp grown because the ecology of the planet is at stake. A clean planet means more healthy people, but too many like their herbal high to care about getting healthy any other way. Hemp for fuel gets us off the oil pollution that plagues us and causes the mess in the Middle East as well as the coalition of wealth in the hands of so few. Hemp for paper saves the forests of the planet which are our planet’s lungs and mean more Oxygen for better brain health and overall cleanliness of the air. All of the uses of hemp will supplant planetary pollution, but the cannabis crowd worries about having pollinated plants because they are addicted to the stronger seedless buds and the oil from them that does so many good in the wake of illnesses they would not be suffering from were the poisoning of the planet ongoing.

    • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

      oops last sentence needs editing: “in the wake of illnesses they would not suffer from were the planet free from poisoning that is ongoing.” Please

    • It is up to the movement to educate the patients on the industrial use of hemp and as to how the medication affects their body so they can make rational, educated choices on what strains they use. There has been a concentrated effort to conceal many of medical marijuana’s secrets in the interest of competition but all this has done is severely wound the movement because 45% of the public still does not understand the medical properties of marijuana. We must also consider that only a small fraction of the population supporting medical marijuana, actually understands how it works on the brain, the CNS and the Immune System. This is a categorical failure on the part of the movement, we are so busy trying to control business regulations that we have neglected to properly educate the public as to why we were needed in the first place. Many of our brethren have given in to the propaganda by the alcohol and tobacco industry that marijuana should be a legal vice, but as you know this opinion is given out of pure ignorance because marijuana is an ancient pharmaceutical with vast healing properties. Trying to make it a legal vice, is like not parking a Rolls Royce in a garage; we’re simply not taking care of it and this is reflected by our current issues with the federal government.

      • Dr. Jeri Rose says:

        alcohol also has healing benefits. Cannabis can be sold for recreation to those too lazy to grow their own. Cannabis can be sold in dispensaries for people who want to know the properties of the herb they are taking and there will be labels saying best for nausea, sleep, drying eyes, etc
        and then there will be people who will grow their own for vegetable juice, for herb and for fun.
        and then there will be farmers with vast fields for fuel and paper and cloth and paints and etc for the civilization we love without poisoning the planet.

      • We don’t disagree, we just believe it needs to rescheduled and regulated but not taxed. Alcohal is taxed because its a vice, marijuana is a medicine and pharmaceuticals aren’t taxed. Marijuana boosts the human immune system, like many medications its possible that OTC synthesis’ can be offered to the public. Medical marijuana is already available OTC for qualified patients in California and patients are protected by California and Federal medical laws, Colorado nor Washington share the same legal protections. In regards to regulation we just want to protect the American growers from foreign competition and cartels; American growers are the best and they deserve to be able to farm without fear of regulatory blockade from foreign investors, foreign entities, transnational corporations or predatory law enforcement entities.

    • That is a Lie Dr.Rose, I was in the background of it all. Jack helped write some of it not all of it. Do you really know how many professionals assisted in the writing?

  4. Hi Mr Chazzan and Madeleine,
    I want to share this story because it illustrates what I see possibly happening here.
    After I was arrested and I went very public with my case, Asa took issue with me based on my talking about the money “profit” issue, as well at local government about how they could create regulations to keep out the profiteers.
    Asa, with the full knowledge of (Don Duncan/Steph) set about threatening and harassing me. They recruit meth addicts, local snitches, and the mentally ill to stalk, smear, and threaten people that threaten their racket.
    They sent so many of them that at some point I did not know who was an enemy and who was a friend.
    I changed in some ways and I know I reacted to a few people who were not part of this with anger.
    I have shared this and other articles on this website over 100x in recent days to garner support to put down Teflon Don Duncans latest attempt to create new criminals out of thousands of people as he attempts to corner california’s pot market for himself and his handlers.
    I have known Jeri for approximately 5 years.
    She was an outspoken opponent of prop 19. She so revered Jack Herer that she came from Hawaii to attend his funeral and memorial.
    Cointelpro is alive and well in the Medical Marijuana movement. I know because I have seen and experienced it.
    Sometimes it is hard to know who is a friend and who is an enemy. Dr. Jeri Rose is a friend to the cause, the side of Dennis Peron. Dennis Peron being a rare gem that has never sold out.
    Donna Lambert
    Freedom fighter 420

    • The DEA utilize assets within the patient groups as well as gangland/drug cartel based assets by using their felony records as blackmail or by offering a reward in cash or other narcotics. This group is effectively a rogue faction operating on behalf of the conservative financial interests that exist within our federal government’s two-party duality that was formerly funded in an operational capacity initially by the Bush administration, but also in a supplemental capacity by George Soros, Peter Lewis and several other members of the wealthy elite who seek to corner the marijuana seed market prior to decriminalization. One of our guests will speak to this issue in an upcoming interview regarding this topic. ASA’s key tactic for quite some time has been entrapment, to send the parolee’s down to your dispensary and have them either intimidate the dispensary operator or compel the operator through deceit to violate state and federal regulations. Once these informants have duped the operator into committing a crime, ASA contacts DEA or in some cases like in LA and OC, the municipal police force, to raid the dispensary and seize their plants, seeds, money and buds some of which will be used to support the DEA operated dispensaries in LA and other parts of California. ASA? DPA? MPP? Good chance they are a Narc, don’t trust them.

      -The Green Chazzan

  5. patmonk says:

    Mike, looks like all the hard work produced a good harvest. Love to you both.
    Recommended reading y’all.

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