A Chazzan is a cantor that often leads a temple or church congregation in songful prayer; the Chazzan’s duty in a church is to speak, loudly and melodically, the truth of G-d.

The Green Chazzan is a pro-medical advocate and patients rights advocate who supports the platform of ‘Reschedule, Regulate and Reform’ Medical Marihuana under federal law. The Green Pulpit is an editorial site dedicated to pro-medical and pro-regulation views of Medical Marihuana seeking to clarify positions in today’s marihuana politics and truthfully inform readers about the medical benefits and the science of medical marihuana use.


© The opinions and articles presented in this blog are intellectual property of the Green Chazzan™ and is published by the Simon Bar-Kokhba Foundation. 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mr Freedom says:

    Why does cannabis have to be regulated?
    It should be re-legalized but keep the government out of it.

  2. CannabisIsMedicine says:

    You want something scary to read about? Look up Yuba County elected officials. Note one son of official died recently and note he was involved with csnnabis. Then note what church or cult many members of the official party belong to. FAMILY of Friends… then note their location buolding, read up on water rights note that members of this organization include a Steven Bechtel and many of the Bechtel family and start crapping your pants as cannabis now gets involved in cults, murder and politics. That’s only skimming the surface and it’s a dark brew underneath. This I dare you to report on without getting destroyed. Good luck. Me putting the pieces together scared the crap out of me. Please don’t publish this or my name if you need further info contact me privately.

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