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The Worst Generation

The Baby Boom generation has dominated the American zeitgeist over the past 40 years with an unapologetic and domineering fortitude that has come to define modern America’s cultures and values. The Baby “Boomers” stand notorious among media and news outlets alike of which they themselves have subjugated and have utilized to subjugate the generations that have come after them with relentless zeal. The Boomers although the architects of the modern society and neo-liberalism, unlike previous generations of their character, have pervaded a sense of a lack of ownership over the society in which they have built while seeking to dominate and own every aspect of society based upon a sense of almost messianic entitlement. The Boomer is best defined by their all-encompassing ego; where it came from is hard to say, growing up in the post WW2 era maybe it’s the by-gone confidence of fresh victory or the exploration of egoism and individuality in the 60s and the 80s that has never truly subsided.

The Era of the 60s, full of free thinking, drugs, sex, rock and roll etc.. 60’’s dynamism although often exalting the idea of a community was really the harbinger of destruction for the American society and the American neighborhood. Ideas of individual empowerment ran to the Boomers heads, to the point where there was nothing physical or ethereal that the Boomer could not own or control in every aspect of their life. This translated into the placing of one individual’s ego above all else, even the common good, even ones family and friends, even ones God. This pervading ego has dominated not only the boomer generation but the effects of its reign have down poured onto the ensuing generations.

Millennials are often mocked for not having things together, a Hero archetype generation that was never allowed to play Hero in a society dominated by the Boomer’s ego and cruelty, the dreams and machinations of the Millennial are probably forever lost wasted on talentless actions like processing papers, repairing computers, fighting the Boomer’s wars, and overall just having their talents and connectivity squandered by the needs of the Boomer who view the millennials as career threats rather than students. The Boomers almost have a personal rivalry against the Millennials, calling them worthless, bashing them incessantly in the media, reducing their opportunities and then blaming them for it; the level of hostility exerted by the Boomers towards this generation is really historic in proportions.

Perhaps because the Boomers feel an inkling of responsibility, something their generation has worked to destroy with utter reckless abandon. The Boomers began with the family, the individualism of Mom and Dad led them to decide that love wasn’t worth it and that the kids weren’t worth it, leading to a cascade of generational divorce that has ripped open the fabric of American society into a barren chasm of broken relationships, pornography, serial divorce, polygamy and other forms unsuitable environments for child development. Then the Boomers turned on the church, attacking not just Christianity but moving towards an almost complete rejection of God or a twisted version where there is simply no such thing as a sin or a shame. Then the Boomers turned on the schools, no longer wanting to pay the taxes for their children’s education so they could spend more of their tax savings at the bars, clubs, with new younger boyfriends and girlfriends that they first preyed from Gen X and now prey on the Millennials, like borderline pedophiles desperately searching for the Fountain of Youth. The Boomers fear of old age is legendary, gone is the value of wisdom extolled by the Greatest Generation, instead comes 60 is the new 50, 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30, justification after justification for everlasting youth, rejecting the call to pass knowledge from generation to generation out of a false sense of achievable immortality.


The Boomers accuse the Millenials of being social parasites, giving themselves a get out of jail free card by inventing stories from the past on how ‘they worked harder than you did’ even though such a thing is highly in doubt given the level of hippie-stonery that occurred back then and the fact that none of this could be verified or fact checked. The Boomers are also the first generation to reject conceptual macroeconomics in favor of ideologically driven economics so it’s no surprise that the Boomers lack the educational acumen to actually realize that dollar inflation has all but obliterated the opportunities that were available when Boomers were in their early 20s. To hear a boomer speak about millennials, one would think the year is 1967 and that unemployment is at an all-time low, but it’s not we are in what economists unanimously agree is the worst recession since the Great Depression and unemployment is somewhere around 20% even though the Boomers, ever running away from responsibility, merely changed the economic formula to push unemployment down to 7% so they wouldn’t have to feel responsible for the remaining 13% and whatever happens to them.

Is this generational sociopathy? Yes and no, the means are sociopathic but the ends are more collectivist in nature. The tune of the Boomers for many years has been centralization, or bringing everything under one authority. This is the opposite of the ideals of the Greatest Generation who recall the corruption and economic distortions of the pre-WW2 era, but the self-righteous Boomers in which among themselves they can find no fallacy and do no wrong, have used their wealth to centralize assets under the control of the ultra-rich, clinging so desperately to the ideology of neo-liberalism, they work against their own economic self-interest by voting for politicians that glorify their self-entitlements while destroying social entitlements, reducing opportunity and further centralizing money and power under the control of a few Boomers who would delight in seeing their ignorant brethren continue to pray upon the younger generations, further solidifying their power over everyone as the ‘useful idiots’ destroy their own.

Generational sociopathy of this nature gives memory to Aristotle’s the Old Oligarch who “regards the Athenian democracy as undesirable, as giving the mob undue voice in the state; but he argues that it is well-designed for its purpose, if you wanted so vile a thing to be done. The Oligarch goes on to say that whilst ‘the good’, a description he uses to cover the rich and the aristocracy of Athens, are better qualified to run the state due to their wealth and education, this would lead to ‘the masses’ being disenfranchised as the rich would naturally act in their own interests, leading to the suppression of the lower classes.” Athens allowed the poor to have a voice because the designers of Athens knew that the poor supplied the military, were technical experts on specific matters of public utility and because they bought the goods and services that kept the economy going.

The Old Oligarch’s mentality can be identified very closely with that of the Boomers, viewing the technological and acumenical progress of their younger generations as a threat to their power and schemes rather than as a benefit. Like the Old Oligarch who sought to sabotage the Athenian navy so that Sparta could win the war and bring about oligarchical tyranny, the Boomers have sought to sabotage the Millennial generation using their power, wealth and status out of similar fears, that one day they would have to pass this power along and retire. The Boomers are all too content to retire, quick to quit work prior to a more suitable retirement age so they can gain and game every aspect of the social security system that they can, and then like the Oligarch they seek to turn around and impose social security austerity for future generations so they cannot share in these benefits as well and get ahead.  Yet the Boomer’s have the gall to call the very hardworking Millenials lazy because to do anything but would be to acknowledge how corrupt and ethically upside the American System under the Boomer’s reign has been. The Boomer’s would have to do something they are practically incapable of doing, acknowledging that they are wrong.

The burden of the welfare state will increase as Millennial’s and the generations that follow simply just give up. When the only opportunity is to be a waiter, a blogger, a barista, a corporate intern, a corporate slave or a systems programmer sitting in a dark room sometimes happiness can be found by just simply tuning out and dropping out of the system because there are no longer any benefits to be found in it other than misery and corporate slavery. Often at this point one hears “I work very hard at my job and I love my job” well how many people around you don’t? How many people loath you for sucking up to your boss and bringing down morale? How many people think you’re a mindless kiss ass and a snitch? How many coworkers have you put on the street to keep your job? How many co-workers have you jobbed out because you would have been jobbed out? Exactly. Nobody ‘loves’ their job, they ‘love’ their career, if they have one and most people in this day and age simply do not.

Boomer ‘reality’ lends to the same fallacies when bankers were blaming foolish borrowers for being victims of their predatory lending. Blame the Victim, is the ultimate fault of the Boomer generation and an ironic one too. Here stood the generation that supposedly stood up for rights and freedom in the 60’s but by the 1980’s it became Blame the Victim. This has led to some of America’s worst self-atrocities, including the War on Drugs, the AIDs/HIV epidemic and the current ongoing financial crises we have today. Even Ben Bernanke’s Quantitative Easing is a perfect example of Baby Boomer’s generational terrorism as it passes along almost all of the Boomer’s debt to the next generations of whom the Boomer’s have also fleeced of every ounce of available wealth with which to pay such debt. People blame the banks and the FED for the lack of accountability, but the lack of accountability is a generational symptom of the Boomers and possibly a fatal one for America.

Boomer disloyalty isn’t just confined to the marriage, family, business and bedroom, its literally in every aspect of their lives. They are first among all in their minds, and they will punish friend or foe, family or pet, that denies them this mental comfort in any capacity. America’s biggest challenge going forward will be to figure out how our nation can recover from the generational devastation that has torn this country apart.

The Green Chazzan