The Truth – Part 3: The Consortium & The Legalization Trap

The Consortium & Hotel California

AUMA Sponsors (The Consortium)

AUMA Sponsors (The Consortium)

What is AUMA? It’s no less than the Undead Zombie of Prop 19, back from the dead once again to test the faith of the Medical Marijuana community in its final hour of justice. Prop 19, SB1262, and all of these other initiative also-rans have been nothing but attempts by Wall Street, Law Enforcement and Big Pharma to use their government influence to capture, break and redesign the marijuana supply chain as they see fit. Putting control of the industry permanently into the hands of international mafia, hedge fund billionaires, cartel front men, crooked cops and crooked politicians who refuse to let go of their Prohibition & Payola aka Tax & Jail Model.

To understand why AUMA is bad for your health we need to dial back a little bit and talk about what California means to the international marijuana movement. Why do we put such an emphasis and focus on California Marijuana Laws, and especially those of Los Angeles and the City of Long Beach? The answer is that California is where everything started for this movement and ultimately where everything will end. Northern California is literally the heart of international marijuana cash crop production and Southern California today represents a political and socio-economic ‘pivot point’ in the great struggle for marijuana decriminalization because Los Angeles is the largest and most sophisticated High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area in the world and the Port of Long Beach is equally the largest drug trafficking port in the world. Basically the largest narcotics customer base on the plant with the largest transportation/distribution hub right next to it, two key control points for every business and underworld syndicate with an interest in narcotics. California is the mother plant in the world of medical marijuana, every other state is just a clone. Colorado, as we have mentioned before, is still completely dependent on California for seeds, trim and even bud during the harsher seasons.



Despite California’s status as the founder and leader of medical marijuana, many within the California movement have failed to understand why the political situation in the Golden State hasn’t stabilized. The biggest reason being that the California Movement has been in a political and legal war against the Police Departments, the Mob and the Cities of California since our journey began in the mid-90s. The California Police Union, consisting of the California County Sheriff’s, City Police Unions, and other law enforcement officials, the DEA, and the League of California Cities consisting of Mayors and City Attorneys have done everything within and beyond their legislative powers to obstruct the patient’s right to alternative medical therapy through the use of medical marijuana. Interestingly enough the tactics used by cities and law enforcement, have driven the medical marijuana industry into the hands of organized crime. Medical marijuana was a business for the patients to get access to well grown, clean and environmentally safe medical marijuana, this has since been corrupted as cartel and organized crime members have taken the marijuana cultivation process and have transformed it into a mass production supply chain.



California’s liberal reputation is often impeded by the wealthy and powerful conservative elements within the state. Law enforcement is heavily embedded in this conservative cabal due to history. As we have mentioned before, a sort of racial law enforcement clique began to form within the California police departments in the early 1920’s. Recruits from the Deep South and the local California KKK in Anaheim and San Diego were preferred for Law Enforcement hires for many years, due to their views on race, narcotics and institutional corruption; this practice persisted well into early 90’s culminating in a public outcry with the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 over the racial brutalization of Rodney King by the LAPD. This clique merged with the DEA under the guidance of Governor George Deukmejian and then Mayor Dianne Feinstein of San Francisco in the 1970’s to stamp out the power of the hippie movement in California, and has continued to remain embedded in municipal and state administrations throughout California ever since the consolidation of power by the Neo-Conservatives during the Reagan Years.

The Neo-Con’s are no different than Neo-Liberals, they are the 1%, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, whatever you want to call them, they are the rich guys with all the money and power that hate humanity and have a Malthusian dream of self-fulfilling biblical prophecy so that they can have their Elysium planet.  They control the flow of international narcotics, including marijuana after they consolidated control during the 1970’s and they sit on both sides of the aisle so that the American people stay in the dark about how American power really works.  The likes of Americans For Safe Access, The Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Marijuana Policy Project were commissioned by George Soros, George Zimmer, Peter Lewis, JP Holyoak and Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft to disrupt, dismantle and hijack the medical marijuana movement and deliver it to the Anglo-American corporate interests that had paid handsomely for it. The Consortium is led by former President George H.W. Bush and other co-executives and majority shareholders of major pharmaceutical names like Beyer (GW Pharmaceuticals), Merck, Teva, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Gilead, Altria, RJ Reynold, British American Tobacco and Eli Lilly. The Bush DEA’s number one target for some time has been the Pioneers of Medical Marijuana and the people around them that helped found Prop 215; seeking to dismantle any remnant of the movement that pushed using marijuana as a medicine.

The goal was to discredit marijuana as a medicine and push it as tobacco-like vice product, to protect their business interests from competition and consolidate power under their own mantra ‘Legalization’; the purpose of this is to divide and conquer the medical marijuana movement so that the Consortium can continue to steal the old growers trade secrets and then patent them as their own, to develop Schedule II pharmaceuticals like Sativex and Epidolex.  The Consortium has enabled their AstroTurf activist front groups including Americans For Safe Access, Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance to wreak havoc on the entire medical marijuana community and its patients alike. To a large extent they have succeeded, in large part, thanks to collusion by the California Police Unions and the League of California Cities.

Palaces of Prohibition



The base of Neo-Conservative power in California is San Diego County that is the source of much of their financial and institutional power for the entire world. San Diego is home to the richest and one of the largest Mormon communities in the United States; it is also the largest base of Neo-Nazi funding and power in California. It is the home of the Tea Party and residence of many outspoken Neo-Con power brokers like Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Margaret Cargill (of Cargill, Monsanto’s partner in crime) Bill Gates, and many retired officers of the Neo-Con military command.

San Diego possesses one of the largest military installations in the United States with 6 Naval Bases, 3 Marine Bases and 1 Coast Guard Station. San Diego also possess the largest DEA presence in California; it is effectively their stronghold and major front for the entire country. San Diego has been a military town for over 100 years and because of this, their culture has evolved with both the National Defense culture and the Narco-State culture created by the DEA. Many law enforcement personnel in California retire to San Diego after they have completed their service. This is why Americans for Safe Access, formerly a major Bush DEA front, operates primarily out of San Diego, Sacramento, formerly Long Beach and Bakersfield; because their illegal operations were shielded by Neo-Con friendlies in those municipalities and alternatively by Mexican Cartel and Chinese Triad counterparts in LA and San Francisco.

download (1)

The next source of Prohibition power in California comes from Orange County, a major source of Republican financial strength attributing much of its rise as an S&L, Cocaine, Money Laundering and Real Estate hub in the 1980s. This county is controlled mostly by major Republican land barons like billionaire Donald Bren of the Irvine Community and William Lyon of Lyon Communities who are financially the lords and masters of most of the cities in LA County, they control the politics through business and the streets through narcotics distribution ran by Italian Mafia front men out of Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Anaheim. The Orange Curtain or ‘The OC’ is the ideal example of a neo-conservatives dream of a corporate fiefdom. Many GOP powerbrokers are born and raised through Orange County’s privileged Republican private school system, which uses a series of Catholic schools to place young adults in conservative colleges throughout the country like USC, ASU, Chapman, Amherst and other well-known conservative institutions for ideological training. Most dispensaries owned in Orange County are front’s for money laundering, cocaine and pill smuggling and controlled by members of local organized crime that use patients as a front to disguise their illicit activities.

OC is a significant battlefront, because not only is Orange County a major source of Republican wealth but it has also become a major distribution hub for the Mexican Mafia in California. Thanks in large part to municipal corruption and a plentiful amount of Carlito’s Way-type Coke Attorneys, the Mexican and Asian Cartels have taken complete control of the cities of Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Orange, Anaheim, Westminster, Buena Park and Garden Grove. The rule in Orange County is that the wealthy live south of these cities, and that the police provide almost a DMZ-like front line at the city limits for these areas. The Neo-Con and KKK backed city administrations in the poor cities oversee the chaos of gang violence and drug distribution in collusion with the Cartel, collecting profits from both the incarcerations and narcotics sales. The author of SB1262, Lou Correa, is the State representative of the district controlled by the Cartels, and his bill is designed to hand the California medical marijuana industry over to the collection of Consortium-Cartel interests that are fronted by the Marijuana Mafia.

Lou Correa

Lou Correa

The third source sits in Oakland and Silicon Valley, these are the Silicon Libertarian Billionaires like Sean Parker, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and other tech Nazi’s that see marijuana as a pathway towards managing digital serfdom. These young guns owe their money and success to their Neo-Con handlers, who are all ex-Nixon and Reagan Era elite, and they are being crafted to be the next Rockefellars and Soro’s of the 21st century where the population will be managed digitally. AUMA is not the brainchild of Parker, but he is the marketable face of the scheme in an attempt to disassociate Zombie Prop 19 from its odious origins. Marijuana in the bay area is largely managed by a cooperative effort between the mafia-end of the Teamsters Union, led by the utterly corrupt, yet indicted, Dan Rush and ex-DEA hacks in Contra Costa, Alameda and Monterey and the Asian Mob primarily managed by the San Francisco Tong’s with its big shots like Raymond Chow and former State Senator Leland Yee.

Dan Rush w/ Richard Lee pushing Prop 19

Dan Rush w/ Richard Lee pushing Prop 19

Dan Rush Indictment:

The fourth major source of financial power and probably the most critical is the one sourced in Los Angeles County. The Republicans have long viewed the City of Los Angeles as an ideological warzone and have done everything within their power to hamper the cities progression, citing a need to avoid the creation of “San F**cisco Liberal Fascism”. The sources of Republican power in Los Angeles are Long Beach, Flintridge, Simi Valley, Glendale, Pasadena and the Western Valley; despite LA’s overwhelming population of Democrats, the LA GOP holds an amazingly disproportionate level of power within LA City Hall and especially the LA County Board of Supervisors & Sheriff. Out of the four areas mentioned thus far, this group is by far the cleverest and also the most dangerous; they are big time shot callers in the Republican world because they hold a key responsibility within the power structure of the Consortium. They possess the responsibility of managing and overseeing the largest narco-trafficking corridor in the entire world, the Los Angeles Basin.

Michael Antonovich

Michael Antonovich

The Debacle

Mayor Bob Foster

Mayor Bob Foster

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach exist side by side as the largest domestic import hub for international cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin trafficking in the United States. Every year ton upon metric ton of Afghan heroin comes in through the Port of LA and Long Beach where it is taken to reprocessing labs in South-Central and Downtown LA to be sold to local syndicates and gangs throughout the county and country. The narco-trafficking in the port is primarily facilitated by the Teamsters, Long Beach Police Department and Long Beach City Attorney’s Office who use payoffs, gangland intimidation tactics and murder to maintain a protection racket over the port unions in exchange for silence. Former Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, and former City Attorney Bob Shannon, leading members in relation to Long Beach organized crime, initially conceived the idea of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Long Beach as a cover for improving cocaine and heroin distribution flows in Los Angeles through a man named John Melvin Walker, currently serving federal RICO time, when heroin imports began to surge out of Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007. They were backed by the Neo-Conservative establishment of Los Angeles led by County Supervisors Don Knabe and Michael Antonivich, the two men pulling the strings at the top of the Los Angeles Narcotics Pyramid, along with major financial support from William Lyon in Orange County. However things did not go as planned as hippies began to show up in Long Beach to apply for business licenses; they were more skilled at growing, actually took care of the patients and were able to undercut the Consortium backed collectives with their exorbitant prices. The Consortium was immediately threatened, they had controlled Long Beach for years through the power of the Bush-Walker Family, and suddenly their billion dollar narco-trafficking operations were being upended by the California hippies once again. In response, Prop 19 and the municipal bans were conceived by the Consortium to divide the marijuana movement and racketeer the marijuana industry through over regulation.

Don Knabe

Don Knabe

Since that time, with the help of the Marijuana Astroturf organizations, the Consortium has successfully led an illegal regulatory coup d’etat with the disastrous Long Beach “Ban Regulation” and the passage of Proposition D in LA County, both measures designed to insulate and protect collectives backed by the Consortium interest. This same group has pushed Long Beach Police Chief, Jim McDonnell, a former LAPD narco-crony from the Gates Years, to become the new Los Angeles County Sheriff. McDonnell is a staunch prohibitionist, declaring his opposition to medical marijuana at a Long Beach Planning Commission meeting and stating that he believed marijuana patients exaggerated their illnesses. McDonnell has voiced this opinion to protect the interests of his former political handlers, Long Beach City Attorney’s Bob Shannon and Charlie Parkin, who in return have aided McDonnell’s run for Sheriff by helping him fabricate Long Beach crime statistics. Patient’s in Long Beach currently live in fear of McDonnell, because of his past use of a Neo Nazi affiliated policemen named ‘Officer Strohmann’, to conduct brutal intimidation against citizens investigating the narcotics rackets.

Benedict Arnold’s

Why would you trust a fucktard in a tree?

Why would you trust a fucktard in a tree? This is professional!?

Let’s talk about morale and loyalty for a minute. Morale is low among California activists these days, including those among OC NORML and the California Cannabis Coalition, as many die-hard activists and political supporters have found themselves betrayed by trusted leaders in lieu of the demonic AUMA creeping upward in the polls. Growers and operators alike followed the siren call of the Emerald Grower’s Association led by inexperienced political hacks like Hezekiah Allen and Sean Donahoe, who have used their family relations to build industry clout as a pair of pied pipers that have led growers to nothing but political failure and ruin. Earlier this year, comedy grower Micky Martin infamously lampooned the pair of hucksters during the Fuck Mickey Awards 2015, largely targeted at Consortium members within the industry for their deceptive practices. Hezekiah Allen completely failed negotiations with the state regarding individual growing rights, claiming that it was the industry’s obligation to make concessions while taking payouts from regulatory insiders to dig the knife deep in the Emerald Triangle’s back. Allen disingenuously failed to mention that California regulatory, hungry for tax revenue, were prepared to make major concessions on grow rights and the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act  but being the false prophet that he is, we were failed utterly if not maliciously.

Look at this bullshit website, seriously?!

Look at this bullshit website, seriously?!

NORML and the Law Offices of Matthew Pappas also have to take responsibility for some of the disarray in the movement. NORML, already controversial due to Keith Stroup’s epic betrayal in the late 70’s, has pretty much continued the Long Sell Out of the movement by feeding grower after grower to predatory lawyers and political organizations that have no shame in turning over our people to the regulators and law enforcement authorities without proper legal protection. It was NORML that initially backed Prop 19, it was NORML that helped Lou Correa draft SB1262 and it was NORML that backed EGA and told the growers that they could trust Hezekiah Allen to sell them upriver with the formation of MMRSA and now AUMA.

Also we can’t let the leadership of CCHI 2016 off the hook either for wasting everyone’s time and happily taking everyone’s money. Buddy Duzy, the leader of CCHI, is an idiot huckster and an idolater of Jack Herer, yet he seems to annually take a shit on Jack’s dream by sabotaging the collection of signatures for Jack’s initiative while taking political donations to keep buying himself an endless marijuana supply. Also if you ever met Buddy, one would understand that he has no concept of law or what a lawyer is for and should probably be the last person leading a referendum on anything. His well-liked stoner partner, Michael Jolson, is probably the most disappointing of the group, as many relied on his ethical and congenial character to keep an eye on Buddy rather than collaborate with the poorly educated junkie on wasting everyone’s important time. Thanks Buddy and Mike, you couldn’t have helped the bad guys more by distracting us with your false prophecies and financial malfeasance, karma will be a huge bitch, best believe it.

Buddy being a leader

Buddy being a leader

This Coalition of Corruption between the Cartels, the Cops, The City Administrators and The Consortium are now going for the throat with AUMA. The bill and its proponents claim that the AUMA will correct the loopholes left for Law Enforcement by Prop 215. The Bill in reality is a complete and utter nightmare for the medical marijuana movement; AUMA is Prop 19’s real intent in its true corporate form.  AUMA hands the industry over to the corporate oligarchy and California Law Enforcement Complex on a silver platter; the bill violates federal law and completely upends the medicinal spirit of Prop 215 in favor of a small cabal of business interests known as the Marijuana Mafia.

Now that we understand what California has been dealing with let’s talk about AUMA:

10 Reasons Why AUMA is a TRAP


  1. It’s going to raise the price of pot worldwide.
  • When the price of marijuana per pound in California goes up, prices go up even higher everywhere else. A tax like AUMA’s sets a price floor aka price control in the market, meaning it’s impossible to sell marijuana below a certain price because of the tax burden without taking a loss. Colorado learned their lesson during the past two years when the price of marijuana experienced deflation from a supply glut. Since Colorado implemented price controls before the price drop, they are now stuck selling marijuana above its market price thus expanding their own street market and diminishing their legal market. Since marijuana supply will only increase as state after state legalizes, a premature tax will toxify the mother plant and global marijuana markets in a very unsettling way.
  1. Most of the tax revenue goes to jails, police and insider bureaucracy.
  • This is not a lottery sin tax, this tax is designed to fill law enforcement and prison system budget gaps to keep business running as usual after marijuana arrests become invalidated.
  1. Marijuana will still have felonies and prison sentences under the California Penal Code for all patients and recreational users.
  • A crime is only a crime if there is a legal punishment for it. As long as marijuana remains within the California Penal Code, possession and production will remain a crime. AUMA does not decriminalize or fully legalize possession, it legalizes sales and purchases but lets the police keep their pound of flesh by still allowing marijuana arrests.
  1. Drugged Driving with worse DUI punishments than drunk driving.
  • Marijuana has been proven to not impair motor vehicle driving, but despite these studies, law enforcement has moved forward by sponsoring companies that are working on creating an accurate marijuana breathalyzer to entrap marijuana patients with highly subjective DUI charges that are being slated to have more of an impact than an alcohal DUI. Law Enforcement is basically saying, with legalization, be careful what you wish for because you just might get all of it, including police entrapment.
  1. Personal grows can be banned by the state.
  • AUMA only requires a simple parliamentary majority to overturn personal growing rights and trust me, this is not an IF but a WHEN if this bill gets passed. None of the AUMA sponsors want small growers competing with them or offering up superior homemade product.
  1. Cities and counties can ban outdoor cultivation.
  • Cities and counties will continue to racketeer marijuana businesses with impunity, expect all the grows and shops to be owned by the mayor and his family with this one.
  1. Cities and counties can pass arbitrary taxes, ordinances and bans.
  • In addition to an outrageous price driving state tax, we will also have price hiking city taxes and ordinances, along with city wide bans that have CUP’s issued to only to those with enough money to properly bribe the city councils.
  1. Eliminates Prop 215 constitutional protections.
  • Goodbye medical marijuana and its constitutional protections. Subordinates California law to the Federal Schedule I Prohibition, turning cannabis from a legal right into a legal privilege. Think DMV license suspension, exactly.
  1. Allows for control by outside industries (Alcohal, Tobacco, Pharma, etc.)
  • Opens the door wide open for Consortium control. Expect Sean Parker and the Coalition of Corruption to storm in, bribe every city from Yreka to Imperial Beach, lock up every grower that doesn’t kow tow, and buy up all of their assets at the auction for rock bottom prices.
  1. Reinstitutes control of the national industry under DC insiders and billionaires.
  • Reinstitutes Consortium control over the medical marijuana industry. GOP drug lords like the Bush Family, the DuPonts and Kochs will continue to use marijuana as a front for cocaine and heroin distribution, while loading up the private prison system, that they own, with the patients that they sell their products to.

The Green Chazzan


Part 1 –

Part 2-

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The Truth – Part 2: Smoke & Mirrors


Legal Marijuana is a trap and Medical Marijuana, once a community benefit, is now mired by fraud. There it’s been said, coming from someone that has grown, cultivated, harvested, trimmed and sold marijuana for medical use; one can no longer deny the state of decay that has swept the medical marijuana business. The Green Rush is the 21st century Gold Rush, and like everything that starts off as a benefit, it is ending as a burden. This writing is no less a confession about the world that we the growing community have lived in, the real world.

The Beginning


Medical Marijuana was a miraculous concept dreamed up by the genius and legendary pot dealer Dennis Peron. Dennis was known for having the first major marijuana collective and the first legal collective in San Francisco. He is most well known for being the author of Proposition 215, the first medical marijuana law for compassionate use in world history. He was associated with the gay rights movement through his friend Harvey Milk and understood that medical marijuana would be instrumental in fighting the global AIDS crisis that had begun in the 1980s. The Dallas Buyers Club is actually a movie about Mr. Peron and his friends, just different characters and different situations, but nonetheless it’s the same story; about a group of afflicted people, sentenced to death indirectly by their own government, resorting to smuggling and other shady tactics just to survive their own diseases and seize their right to life. That is how the medical marijuana movement started, as a fight for the right to live.

Dennis Peron and Jack Herer - Heroes of Marijuana

Dennis Peron and Jack Herer – Heroes of Marijuana


Dennis’ vision, as a true hippie, was that medical marijuana growers would work together in communes or collectives to create marijuana medicine for the terminally ill to fight the ravages of industrial disease and immunological diseases in our modern world. He believed that marijuana growers should make a profit but not allow greed to become excess and inherently corrupt his vision. Many growers and collectives stood with Mr. Peron’s vision but over time they were corrupted by the greed of fast money, illegitimate opportunity and from the machinations of criminal predators, enhanced by clandestine corruption within the government itself.


Proposition 215 was a collective effort by many famous hippies, smugglers, lawyers and other generally good willed individuals that sought to liberate the misery of many of their friends and in many cases themselves from years of physical and psychological ailments.

Proposition 215 originally had two versions, Dennis’ version and the version we have today:

By late January, 1996, it was becoming clear that Dennis Peron’s network of volunteers could not come up with enough signatures to place the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 on the ballot. Some 433,000 valid signatures were needed by April 24; Dennis’s followers claimed to have gotten 175,000 of uncertain validity and Panzer says that number was inflated. Enter Ethan Nadelmann (Founder of Drug Police Alliance and Prop 19 advocate), a 40-yearold drug-policy expert who runs a Manhattan think tank called the Lindesmith Center, through which he allocates $4 million annually on behalf of financier George Soros. Nadelmann has a law degree from Harvard, a doctorate from Princeton, and is the author of a book about the drug war, “Cops Across Borders: The Internationalization of U.S. Criminal Law Enforcement.” He knew the effort to get a medical marijuana initiative on the California ballot had a strong chance of success because a statewide poll taken in June 1995 by David Binder Associates showed that 60% of the voters were favorably inclined.

George Soros

George Soros

Soros agreed to back a professional signature drive after reading a New York Times article that said Dennis already had gathered 200,000 valid signatures. Nadelmann was concerned about Soros et al being perceived as out-of-staters exerting political influence in California (which of course they were). He also wanted proof that the reform effort had support beyond Dennis Peron’s circle of friends. He got reassurance on both counts in February when George “I Guarantee It” Zimmer, president of the Men’s Wearhouse, a resident of Oakland, pledged $105,000 towards a professional signature drive. (It was actually in the form of a loan.) Nadelmann then kicked in $350,000 from Soros; $300,000 from Peter Lewis, the owner of Progressive Insurance in Cleveland; $100,000 from John Sperling, a professor of economic history whose Phoenix-based Apollo Group owns 88 private colleges.(and who was also backing a medical marijuana initiative in his home state of Arizona), and $50,000 from Laurence Rockefeller. “All these individuals, as businessmen, consider drug prohibition wasteful and costly,” says Nadelmann, “and each has personal reasons for feeling strongly about it.”

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Of Soros he says, “He has a practical concern about the drug issue: it’s in danger of bankrupting the country. We’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year on the war on drugs, if you count law enforcement, medical costs, and lost productivity.” In other words, the donors represent an enlightened faction of capital. There were strings attached to the money. Nadelmann wanted control of the campaign placed in the hands of a “professional,” and he selected a Santa Monica consultant named Bill Zimmerman, based, he says, on Zimmerman’s success promoting an insurance-reform measure that passed in 1993. “Dennis Peron is a remarkable character,” says Nadelmann, “and it’s true that the movement was ‘organic,’ in that he got his signatures through volunteers. But if I had one moral to draw from this situation, it’s to go straight to the professionals and avoid the hassles involved in starting with the grass roots.” Zimmerman, upon getting the money from Nadelmann, created a front group called Californians for Medical Rights (CMR) and hired a competent outfit called Progressive Campaigns to get the signatures. The signature gatherers were paid 60¢ per —high for a popular measure_ and the rate was upped to $1 per signature before they had more than enough.”

  • The O’Shaughnessy’s Reader (2013)

Dennis Peron w/ The Pioneers of Medical Marijuana - Author of Prop 215

Dennis Peron w/ The Pioneers of Medical Marijuana – Author of Prop 215

Dennis was left in a position of less authority over Prop 215 following the political takeover by Nadelmann backed by George Soros and the Consortium. The same group would later have police stings initiated against Dennis’ cannabis clubs in San Francisco to put him under financial and psychological pressure, while allowing the Consortium to negotiate a deal to modify Prop 215 with California Attorney General Dan Lundgren, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Correctional Officers Association to ensure that marijuana, despite being made medical, would remain in the California penal code and thus remain an enforceable crime in the State of California.

DA Dan Lungren

DA Dan Lungren

Soros won out with the real Prop 215 being shelved in the annals of history at the infamous Castro Castle while the second Prop 215, sponsored by the police and the US prison system, would be implemented into law. Prop 215 would become one of the largest public biological experiments in US history, as Soros intended for free medical research, and at the same time Prop 215 would became one of the largest reverse stings ever concocted by federal and state law enforcement in world history. This is the viciousness of those who have pushed for pot legalization in the forms of Prop 19, SB1262 and now AUMA, because it removes constitutional protections under medical law and brings everything back under the rigid and brutal interpretations of the Controlled Substances Act. However, defense attorneys won’t tell you this because legalization was designed in their favor, to give them more cases, more clients and more work, same with the law enforcement side. Marijuana will always be a crime as long as it remains in the California Penal Code, once it is removed from the CPC it can find its true home in the Public Health Code where it can no longer be cited by law enforcement.



Marijuana is a medicine. It causes the body to regenerate itself. To regenerate from Cancer, AIDS, psoriasis, auto-immune disorders and psychological trauma. Marijuana is a regenerative plant, just twist a branch until you hear a crack, then watch it grow stronger and bulkier; because that is the natural function of marijuana genetics, to reconstruct, rebuild and restore.

The Racket


Marijuana is born into this world as seed, that seed is grown into a plant that becomes a mother, and from that mother comes trimmings known as clones.  Like life and people, some clones are good and bear good nug, while other clones are bad and bear nothing. The clones must then go under 18 or more hours of light every day to vegetate and grow into something with potential. Then the amount of light is reduced at the right time to encourage the now vegetative plants to flower and thus bear fruit. In the United States, in order to create 99 of these fruit bearing plants, an individual must have a sick patient with AIDS, cancer or some other kind of terminal disease, and their doctor’s referral, to sponsor and justify the 99 plant exemption and produce a full crop. To produce a profitable crop, several of these exemptions along with countless referral scripts from other patients with 6 to 12 plant allowances, must be collected, gathered and filed. A dispensary facilitates this process by requiring a copy of the referral paperwork in order to become a member of their collective.


So what the hell does that all really mean? The bottom line, it means that every new patient to a cannabis collective generates approximately two pounds of marijuana or $4000 in production value per crop and that a terminally ill patient, with AIDS or cancer generates approximately 31 pounds or $62,000 in production per crop. A good grower can turn over 5 or more productions in a year, that’s about 155 pounds or $310,000 a year; the grower can sell the 155 pounds in another state, he can be looking at upwards of $900,000 or more.


All in exchange for the right to purchase the pot, the patient effectively loans their allotment to the collective, and buys it back at 375% markup for consumption. What has this done? This has given incentive to a racket to keep patients from growing their own allowances and centralize production with the distributor, ie. The collective and their private networks, minimizing competition and keeping prices high. This has also politically encouraged distributors and operators to work with law enforcement on forming favorable regulatory regimes as we see with MMRSA and AUMA. Further, it has created financial incentives for the exploitation of sick patients and their medical records on a national level on the basis of obtaining their personal growing rights.

The Circus Show


Many stood at the US High Times Cannabis Cup 2016 on 420 week, watching the dead spirits of yesteryear desperately search for that golden bud with little avail. The event was hastily put together after High Times lost their permit in Colorado for permitting illicit narcotics sales to take place on fairgrounds during the event. Like a wounded cur, High Times retreated to their own territory at the NOS Events Center in the Tweaker Capital of California, San Bernardino. The unseemly racetrack is a company owned property where High Times could continue its for-profit charade with impunity. The scam is an easy one, charge ‘potreprenuers’ and underworld figures alike for networking access, while at the same time running a tourist scam using free dabs, free carnival rides, very expensive munchies and very expensive trinkets to fleece suburban stoners while providing a cover for large scale smuggling activities.

Tom Forcade on High Times Magazine

Tom Forcade on High Times Magazine

High Times never left the business of narcotics distribution, its founder, ex-CIA agent Thomas Forcade, was one of the largest drug smugglers on the East Coast during the 60’s and early 70’s. Forcade used the magazine as not only a tool of resistance but also for underworld communications, revealing the market rates of underground pot flows and using coded articles to send messages back and forth between smugglers. Forcade would inevitably be assassinated when Richard Nixon consolidated the global narcotics markets in the early 1970’s to pave the way for the cocaine markets of the 1980’s. The US Department of the Treasury, knowing that High Times is a rogue, money laundering CIA operation has not failed to audit High Times annually, desperately searching for their link to Panamanian Bank Accounts.

For more on how the CIA has been smuggling narcotics for the last 40 years, see the Required Reading section:

Dan Skye hustling more profit

Dan Skye hustling more profit

A feeling of doom and gloom had seemingly taken hold of the ‘potreprenuers’ and marijuana activists at the Cup despite the near advent of legalization. High Times Editor and corporate pocket holder, Dan Skye, pretty much said ‘Fuck The Movement’, in a not so indirect way during the awards ceremony, pretty much cheering on the death of Mr. Nice and declaring his advocacy for the short passing of other marijuana icons so that they could make way for the ascension of the new Marijuana Robber Barons. Skye could barely withhold his sellout support to the dreaded Adult Use of Marijuana Act, also known as AUMA. A bill for marijuana ‘legalization’, financially backed by the same group of Neo-Con’s (Parker, Schultz, Kissinger, Liddy, Soros, Holyoak, Thiel etc..) that heralded the Controlled Substances Act with Nixon in 1971. A bait in switch of the most epic proportions, sponsored by the worst hearts of Silicon Valley and their Republican Party/ex-DEA cohorts in Washington. This has a created a pall of depression as, much like we have seen in the 2016 election, big money politics is seemingly prevailing over common sense, with or without the American people’s permission.

  • The Green Chazzan 

Continued in Part 3….

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Police Corruption & Marijuana

Santa Ana Corruption

In 2015, corruption, abuse and violence among US law enforcement agencies became an issue of discourse at the American dinner table, as deep reservations have spread across the public in regards to their relationship with those “sworn to protect”. Many deadly police shootings occurred with the deaths of several minors, young men and women alike totaling nearly 1,000 deaths (according to the Washington Post) and 10% of those killed were unarmed and not in the process of committing a crime but merely ran from police out of the fear of being murdered. While police shootings and violence have taken a front run in the media, medical marijuana growers and patients are no strangers to such encounters with law enforcement. The medical marijuana industry has endured the edge of the spear of police corruption for several years if not decades counting the passage of medical marijuana laws in the late 90’s and 2000’s. Despite a voter mandate and the implementation of a regulatory structure, again and again, marijuana patients and growers have found themselves subjected to the deadliest side of law enforcement abuse, with such tactics as murder, racketeering, theft, fraud, entrapment, wrongful imprisonment, illegal search and seizure, unlawful surveillance, bribery, extortion and other forms of severe abuse of power.

Why has corruption become so endemic in recent times among our police forces? The first key is the Patriot Act. The Bush Administration literally swept away anti-corruption incentives in favor of ‘anti-terror’ and ‘domestic terror’ incentives, allowing the police in many cases to sidestep the fourth amendment. Many jurisdictions and counties throughout the country took the liberty of interpreting the new rules as they saw fit, conducting their own authorizations of domestic surveillance and using the atmosphere of fear to justify expansion of budgets and more importantly, armaments.



The second key was the change in recruiting policies that took place during the Bush Administration, it began with the federal government reducing the standards for military admittance, allowing ex-felons, known hate groups and known members of gangs and organized crime to serve in the ranks during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In many cases these criminals were promoted to higher rank for their willingness to perform acts of violence against civilians that other more tempered soldiers were not. Police departments petitioned the government to lower their recruiting standards as well to permit the entry of these ex-felon soldiers, many coming back with mental duress from combat, into the police forces upon their return home using veteran employment and Iraqi policing experience as a justification. These new officers were far more prone to violence, brutality, corruption and hate than their prior counterparts and many were promoted due to their views on race and domestic policing.

Joe Biden speaking at the National Association of Police Associations

Joe Biden speaking at the National Association of Police Associations

The third key was the continual recruitment of these personalities into law enforcement well after 2008, mainly due to the success of the Fraternal Order of Police in planting their top lobbyist, Senator Joe Biden, into the position of the Vice Presidency. The police union nationwide saw this a carte blanche opportunity to no longer ‘to protect and to serve’ but simply to rule by fear, violence and corruption. This was supported by the fact that Congress obstructed the placement of federal judges by President Obama, and many of the corrupt Bush appointees were able to continue to make rulings that protected the expansion of police misuse of power, including the acquittal of many murderers serving on the force. The ongoing corruption has led to penetration by foreign organized crime organizations, most notably the Mexican Cartels, who have used their newfound influence in law enforcement to expand their power to whole municipalities as shown by DEA research published in 2015.

Cartel Power

DEA Corruption Report

So now that we know the police forces are riddled with corrupt, war-torn and psychologically unstable officers, let’s focus on their abuse of the medical marijuana industry in both current events and in retrospect:

  1. Yuba County Sheriff, California – NET-5 Transporting Apprehension (2015)
Christopher Heath

Officer Christopher Mark Heath

A recent case, near and dear to our hearts that epitomizes the corruption within policing today. This month Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher ‘Mark’ Heath, a veteran narcotics officer of the Yuba County Sheriff’s NET-5 drug and gang task force was caught transporting 200 pounds of medical marijuana, taken from NET-5 raids, in Pennsylvania by a local anti-narcotics task force. Heath was en route to New York, where the medical marijuana could fetch a price anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 a pound. Heath was looking at anywhere from $1 million to $1.6 million in stolen marijuana profits. Whether other NET-5 or Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputies conspired to assist Heath in transporting is still pending investigation but industry insiders know that this is most certainly the case.

NET-5 is a notoriously corrupt anti-marijuana trafficking task force that has been known to ‘tax’ marijuana transporters and local growers alike for several years now, by conducting raids and seizures in violation of California’s Medical Marijuana Law if growers fail to pay or supply them. Yuba County itself is a sparsely populated farming county with most high paying jobs coming from government work with the local air force base or the county itself. The per capita income rate is about 40% less than the California average and like many parts of California, lower income populations have turned to medical marijuana to relieve the financial stress produced by the outfall of the ongoing financial crisis. Yuba County also sponsors FACT, an anti-marijuana group in the area that documents and publicizes police raids and seizures in the county.

Links on Heath Case

Links on NET-5 Raids


  1. Santa Ana, California – Municipal Corruption (2015)

Santa Ana, a city notoriously influenced by Mexican Drug Cartels, not excluding Mayor Miguel Pulido and City Attorney Sonia Carvalho, imposed a state and federally illegal lottery in early February to issue 20 zoning and operating permits for medical marijuana collectives within the city to friends, financial associates and cartel front men associated with Pulido, Carvalho and other members of Santa Ana city council to fast-track their operations and justify the elimination of competition. The Santa Ana Police, since the issuing of these permits, have followed Long Beach’s lead by becoming the Mayor’s personal hit squad for taking out collectives that have taken suit with the city over these illegal measures, using the gang unit and anti-narcotics units to shut down anyone competing against the 20 collectives. In late May, the corruption was unveiled at the Sky High collective when Santa Ana Gang Unit utilized itself as an intimidation force to shut down the collective but was caught on camera conducting the raid, which featured several officers illegally partaking in edibles and stealing product.

Mayor Pulido (right) with his cabal

Mayor Pulido (right) with his cabal

The illegal lottery occurred as part of Measure BB, sponsored by the City Council, the Santa Ana police and Cartel front men; the cities success at the ballot was in large part due to the mishandling of the counter-initiative by OC NORML, who may or may not have sabotaged their own efforts due to institutional corruption and arrogance. OC NORML suspiciously opened a brand new office in the Downtown district of Santa Ana, without opposition, following the City’s victory, let alone NORML’s reputation for selling out local growers and farms for political influence and funding.

See more about the history of NORML’s Lies and Dirty Tricks:

Statements made against the city by OCWeekly Magazine and Attorney Matthew Pappas revealed that “The mayor has a pecuniary interest in [at least] one of the collectives. Prior to the election, there were limousine services and gifts provided to officials. We have evidence of that. People were approached to pay a $25,000 amount and were told they would win the lottery.”

OC Weekly continues:

“Rather than forcing lottery players to go through a lengthy background check, something that might have greatly reduced the number of applications, city officials allowed individuals to submit an unlimited number of applications per location on behalf of various corporate entities. The city’s somewhat-cynical operating theory is that corporations are people, and thus each one, no matter how fictional or freshly conceived or who actually owned it, has the right to its own lottery ball….”

“Predictably, most of the 20 winners were deep-pocketed entrepreneurs, some of whom purchased 100 or even 150 balls to increase the odds of winning. The winners included some high-profile names such as Cypress Hill’s B-Real. Many winners formed legal partnerships, raised money from investors and paid the city with money orders; the Weekly also interviewed eyewitnesses who described successful applicants who drove to City Hall in flashy cars with their girlfriends in tow, hauling shopping bags stuffed with enough cash to purchase dozens of lottery balls.

The Weekly also uncovered allegations of attempted influence peddling by Pulido’s personal attorney and former Orange County Democratic Party chairman Frank Barbaro, as well as aggressive solicitation of campaign donations by both Pulido and powerful Democratic Party operative Melahat Rafiei, whose brother is among the 20 winners. Furthermore, to raise cash for the Measure BB campaign and thus lay the groundwork for the lottery, the city worked with Randall Longwith, a prominent medical-marijuana attorney whose brother-in-law, David Dewyke, happens to manage the Clinic Patient’s Association. The large-scale dispensary operated in Santa Ana without a permit for several years, until it was finally shut down by the police in late May–one of the last such dispensaries left in the city.

Campaign-contribution records obtained by the Weekly show Dewyke was by far the largest contributor to Measure BB, writing checks totaling $57,000–single-handedly footing nearly a third of the roughly $181,000 campaign bill. (Dewyke also gave $10,000 to the Measure CC campaign.) According to limo-company operator and custom-car designer Vini Bergeman–who lives in a 20,000-square-foot mansion in Panorama Heights and is a former associate of John Gotti, as well as a former business partner of Dewyke’s–Dewyke frequently borrowed his vehicles, saying he needed them to wine and dine city officials involved in Measure BB.

Female Officer Who Threatened Patients

Female Officer Who Threatened Patients

The Atlantic Magazine also chimed in by pointing out the presence of corruption in the police union over the marijuana issue and the intended abuse of some of the patients present during the raid:

On-duty police officers appear to be eating edible pot products—OC Weekly transcribes words they spoke while egging one another on. (“Those candy bars are pretty good,” one said. “I kinda feel light-headed though.”) Other dialogue offers a number of insights into the subculture of this narcotics unit. Take the woman with an amputated leg that police encountered on entering the dispensary. “Did you punch that one-legged old benita?” one police officer asks another. The other cop laughingly replied, “I was about to kick her in her fucking nub.” These are people Santa Ana taxpayers empower to use lethal force at their discretion….”

“What’s new is the way that the cops caught misbehaving on camera and the police union that represents them have responded to an internal police investigation—not with embarrassment, contrition, and public apologies, as would befit trustworthy people of good character, but with shameless, discrediting chutzpah: They’ve sued to keep now public video of their indefensible behavior from their overseers!

A lawsuit, filed last week in Orange County Superior Court by three unidentified police officers and the Santa Ana Police Officers Association, seeks to prevent Santa Ana Police Department internal-affairs investigators from using the video as they sort out what happened during the May 26 raid of Sky High Collective,” the Orange County Register reports. The article goes on to characterize the lawsuit’s claims:

The lawsuit argues that the video doesn’t paint a fair version of events. The suit also claims the video shouldn’t be used as evidence because, among other things, the police didn’t know they were on camera. “All police personnel present had a reasonable expectation that their conversations were no longer being recorded and the undercover officers, feeling that they were safe to do so, removed their masks,” says the suit.

The dispensary also did not obtain consent of any officer to record them, the suit says. “Without the illegal recordings, there would have been no internal investigation of any officer,” the suit says.


To sum up: These police officers are complaining that after rushing into this business with guns drawn, forcing employees outside, and using a crowbar to pry visible surveillance cameras off the walls, they were not warned—by the same employees they forced out—that their efforts to disable all surveillance cameras failed, rendering their decision to eat the business’s products visible to its owners. As well, they’re arguing that, though on-duty cops, they had a reasonable expectation of privacy, having failed to account for their own incompetence at disabling surveillance.

But even more galling is that last bit about how “without the illegal recordings, there would have been no internal investigation of any officer,” as that’s only true if one assumes that all cops present would cover for one another’s egregious misbehavior and sign off on a police report that misrepresented the raid. That isn’t a bad assumption, given that police subculture is rife with cops who fail to report on the misconduct of fellow police officers, but it’s really something to see police officers invoke that reality, even implicitly, in an attempt to wriggle out of accountability.

And most galling of all is the fact that this tactic is going to work temporarily. “A Superior Court judge indicated Tuesday that he plans to issue a temporary restraining order that would prevent the Santa Ana Police Department from using video of officers misbehaving during a pot-shop raid as the department investigates the officers’ actions,” the Voice of OC reports. “According to court documents, Judge Ronald Bauer so far agrees with officers’ claims that they would suffer ‘irreparable harm’ if the department is allowed to use video that the Santa Ana Police Association argues was obtained in an illegal eavesdropping operation.”

Santa Ana Police even went as far as to quash the video for their own internal affairs investigation. Maybe it’s the City of Santa Ana, not the medical marijuana community, that deserves to have an investigation of its own and not just a local one, but a federal one.


  1. Sullivan City, Texas – Top Narc Caught Taking Marijuana From Raid (2015)


Police officers conducting a raid against a marijuana grow site removed marijuana from the scene with permission from the police chief. Unbeknownst to these investigators, the grow has cameras on-site and filmed one officer removing marijuana in bottles of rubbing alcohol. The Department had already been under suspicion of marijuana trafficking for the cartel and a good cop, upon review of the footage, elected to turn in the corrupt cops to the Texas Rangers authority. The police department attempted to cover up the misappropriation leading to a raid by Texas Rangers against the Sullivan City Police Department. The local Valley News tells us more:

Officer Angel De La Mora grabbed a handful and stuffed the marijuana inside a bottle of rubbing alcohol. “It was a stupid, dumb mistake,” de la Mora said months later during an interview. “But there’s more to it.” Police Chief Miguel Martinez stood by the door, watching de la Mora take handful after handful of marijuana. Police Inv. Reynaldo Cortes also stood nearby, occasionally chatting with the chief. They weren’t concerned about two security cameras that recorded the incident on May 21. If a police sergeant hadn’t tipped off the Texas Rangers, nobody would have missed the marijuana.

 “For me, it was more of a Barney Fife deal,” said attorney Ricardo Salinas, who represents de la Mora — referencing the dimwitted but well-meaning deputy from “The Andy Griffith Show.”

“I don’t believe that him or the chief really meant to do anything wrong,” Salinas said. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but I don’t think it’s really worth pursuing.”

 The Texas Rangers apparently didn’t agree.Nearly three weeks later, the Rangers raided the Sullivan City Police Department and seized the surveillance footage.They also presented Sullivan City with a search warrant that placed the police department on notice: The Rangers believed the incident may have constituted theft by a public servant, a state jail felony, and abuse of official capacity, a Class A misdemeanor. While the raid surprised Sullivan City administrators, problems with the police department aren’t anything new. The troubled police department went through five police chiefs during the past five years. In June 2010, federal agents arrested Chief Hernan Guerra Jr., who pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Frustrated with city politics, Interim Chief Carlos Lucio left just 14 months later. The City Commission fired Chief Jose Anaya for unprofessional conduct. And Chief Juan Alejandro resigned after Sullivan City administrators asked him to stop sleeping at the department. That left Sullivan City with veteran patrolman Miguel Martinez, who got the top job primarily because the City Commission knew he would stick around.


 Constant turnover allowed de la Mora and other officers with questionable records to avoid scrutiny for years. “To me, it wasn’t a police department per se,” said Joe Cantu, a semi-retired Rio Grande Valley lawman who spent a year working for Sullivan City. “It was just a bunch of guys who carry guns and badges and aren’t properly trained.”

Several local officers, including former police Chief Hernan Guerra Jr., have been caught working with smugglers. In June 2010, federal agents arrested Guerra for working with a Tamaulipas-based drug trafficking organization. Guerra helped the organization dodge Border Patrol agents and kept Sullivan City police away from drug shipments. He also rigged city vehicle auctions for drug traffickers. In exchange, the smugglers paid him $500 to $2,000 every month, according to federal court records. He pleaded guilty and received a 10-year prison sentence. “You seemed to scoff, really, at getting caught,” said U.S. District Judge Randy Crane, according to a transcript of the April 2011 sentencing hearing. “You didn’t care. You were going to do it anyway. I remember being appalled listening to some of the things you were saying on wiretaps.”

“Former Sullivan City police Officer Juan Sotelo said he witnessed de la Mora’s dark side on March 10, 2012. While working off-duty security at Jaguars — an Edinburg strip club with nude dancers — Sotelo said he spotted de la Mora. “Officer Sotelo stated that Officer de la Mora was heavily intoxicated and appeared to be under the influence of an illegal substance, due to the fact that he observed a white substance on his nose,” according to records from an internal investigation conducted by the Sullivan City Police Department. Sotelo later filed a lawsuit against Sullivan City, claiming the department retaliated against him for reporting wrongdoing.

 His attorney, Javier Pea, provided the confidential internal investigation to KGBT-TV, which independently verified the document’s authenticity. The police sergeant who investigated the incident confirmed Sotelo’s story by contacting another officer who worked off-duty security at Jaguars that night, according to the report. Afterward, the sergeant bought an off-the-shelf drug test from Walgreens and asked de la Mora to submit a urine sample. De la Mora tested positive for cocaine, according to the internal investigation. He resigned effective immediately. However, the Walgreens drug test wouldn’t stand up to legal scrutiny. Sullivan City had botched the investigation.”

Fewer than two months later, de la Mora reapplied to the Sullivan City Police Department. He submitted the standard 13-page job application, which asked: Have you ever used marijuana or any other drug not prescribed by your physician? “Yes,” wrote de la Mora, according to a copy of the application obtained through a public information request. “Cocaine. The situation was an ordeal.” Sullivan City hired him back anyway. Nearly all drug trafficking and immigrant smuggling cases involve cars, Lucio said, adding that the department would file civil forfeiture proceedings against the vehicles. Money from the vehicle auctions funded equipment and other police department expenditures. “Sullivan City can’t support itself on the citations,” Lucio said, referencing traffic tickets. “It can’t. The money is in forfeitures.” For the cash-strapped city, forfeiture funds have become so important the police chief talks with the City Commission about seized vehicles at monthly meetings. “That’s why they wouldn’t let him go: Because the police department is a business,” Lucio said. “And anyone who says otherwise is lying.”

 De La Mora went on to claim he was stealing the marijuana for a relative, for medical use but given his track record of corruption, nobody took the bait.–and-how-sullivan-city-handled-it

The Drug Policy Alliance made a general comment on asset forfeitures and police corruption stating:

Ever wonder why police spend so much time enforcing failed drug laws?  To find the answer, you just need to follow the money.  Funding schemes and asset forfeiture laws have given law enforcement agencies strong financial incentives to continue the drug war.  Because funding for drug task forces is often based on the number of arrests made and the amount of property seized in drug busts, the easiest way for local police to up their numbers and boost their careers is to target low-level drug offenders, not violent kingpins.  To create arrest opportunities, police routinely rely on untrustworthy informants, conduct dangerous home invasions on flimsy evidence, frame suspects and commit perjury.  Asset forfeiture laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize property with minimal proof, putting the burden instead on suspects to prove their own innocence.  Because these assets often go straight into the coffers of the enforcement agency, these laws have created financial incentives for property seizures that encourage corruption.”


  1. Phoenix, Arizona – Police & Courts Entrap Medical Grower (2015)
Kyle Catlin

Kyle Catlin

Kyle Catlin, a medical marijuana grower, patient caregiver and medical marijuana activist in the state of Arizona is currently facing trial along with his brother for two cases in Tucson for growing marijuana for sick, elderly and disabled patients. Catlin’s arrest was due to a personal vendetta by local law enforcement authorities, against Catlin’s father a seasoned marijuana veteran who managed to evade arrest and incarceration for several years. The local authorities were so vengeful in going after Catlin that the judge in his trial refused to allow Catlin’s lawyer to reference the state marijuana law. Since Catlin is a state licensed caregiver the marijuana law would have protected his civil rights but the corrupt judge refused to allow the law to be brought into court stating that in Arizona the marijuana law was not an affirmative defense.

According to Tucson Weekly:

“In April 2012, Catlin was pulled over by Tucson Police officers, allegedly for speeding. What really happened, according to Catlin, is a young man had gotten in trouble earlier over having some weed, and he told the cops he had gotten it from Catlin. The police officers interrogated Catlin, and he ended up showing them the two ounces of weed he carried in his backpack (law says you can carry up to 2.5 ounces), and his medical marijuana card. “At some point I asked ‘Am I under arrest?'” he says. “I heard a police officer lie and say that I had said that there were more (marijuana) jars at my house, when I was never asked anything about marijuana at my house,” he says. The cops searched his pockets and found two cell phones and cash, which they saw as sufficient probable cause to search his home.

They found 147 marijuana plants, weed in jars and a gun in Catlin’s safe. Overnight, he was charged with four felonies: possession of weed for sale, attempt production, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a deadly weapon during the “commission of a drug offense.” According to the indictment document, law enforcement found more than two pounds, but less than four pounds of weed for each cultivation, production and possession, roughly adding up to 15 years if given the maximum sentence. Marijuana paraphernalia would be at least four months but no more than two years. A grand total of close to 20 years in prison if given the max, according to the marijuana advocacy group NORML.”

Catlin w/patient

Catlin w/patient

A few months into pre-trial for case one, Catlin’s home was searched again. The investigators overseeing the case found recent information about his healing center— Arizona Medical Marijuana Caregivers—online, and that’s how they justified another search warrant. “They destroyed my house, ripping posters down, and breaking glass water pipes all over the house,” he says. Catlin was pinned with 10 felonies. Among them, “illegally conducting an enterprise that sold and/or possessed for sale amounts of marijuana and cannabis … to customers,” the indictment says. It lists Catlin as the boss, who employed an “associate” to deliver marijuana, and “arranged appointments between the runner and customer for the purpose of selling marijuana.” There was also another charge for possession of marijuana for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and conspiracy to possess and sell. “Here I am trying to prove that what I am doing is legal, and I’m getting in trouble. I’m not doing anything illegal, but it appears to (the judge) that I am,” he says. The trial for case one begins on Oct. 13. If he’s found guilty of all or any charge, he’ll face trial two with previous convictions.”

Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe

Kyle’s problems are an extension of the municipal and statewide corruption by law enforcement and judicial authorities. Just a little dig into the local marijuana community and we were able to uncover that many Arizona state officials and the local elite have ownership stake in the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the state and that such persons include famous public figures like Sheriff Joe Arapaio, JP Holyoak of the hedge fund Holyoak Wealth Management, and most notoriously the so called “anti-corruption figure” Representative Ted Downing of Tucson and his relatives. Downing has been perceived as the invisible hand behind Catlin’s trouble in court as Catlin was a direct competitor to Downing’s associated dispensaries in Tucson, Sedona and Cottonwood; he has only admitted to ownership stake in the Sedona dispensary and in a production facility in Cottonwood. Suspicion of Downing has been present ever since the indictment of Downing’s sons for diversion of campaign funds for personal use in 1997 and again in 2011, shattering his anti-corruption image and putting him on the list of corrupt public officials that misuse their political power for personal gain.

Rep. Downing

Rep. Ted Downing

Other advocates have attempted to speak out against the misuse of authority. The Phoenix New Times primarily blames the regime of Governor Jan Brewer and a rogue AZ DEA in a 2012 article for the stunted growth of AZ’s industry:

“The state of medical marijuana in Arizona is messed up. Governor Jan Brewer partly is responsible for that. After a thin majority of voters passed Proposition 203 in 2010, Brewer canceled the dispensary portion of the program, claiming that state workers would be prosecuted for administering it. A federal lawsuit she filed in May 2011 was an obvious attempt by the Republican marijuana foe to get the law declared unconstitutional. It failed. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Richard Gama, in examining a lawsuit by would-be dispensary owners, ordered Brewer to implement the program as voters intended.”



“A few Valley clubs and/or collectives have been raided by police and shut down. But more keep popping up. At least one, the Arizona Cannabis Society in El Mirage, re-opened after a raid. Prosecutions have been fewer. After the federal Drug Enforcement Agency raided Tempe’s Arizona Go Green Co-op, state Attorney General Tom Horne’s office dropped charges against the owner, James Chaney, and an employee. Bill Hayes, one of the founders of the Arizona Cannabis Society, is yet to be charged after his outfit was busted by Phoenix police in May. And Garry Ferguson, whose Tempe club had the distinction last year of being the first such business to be raided, never was charged.

County Attorney Bill Montgomery, an ambitious conservative who wants the medical-marijuana law canceled by the feds, voters be damned, is moving forward with prosecutions of employees of two cannabis clubs… Montgomery is trying to force the issue, possibly in conjunction with police and the state Attorney General’s Office. Fact is, the question about the legality of the clubs still is to be determined in Arizona, as authorities well know.”

Despite the threats of prohibitionists, the names of 97 companies and groups that will be authorized to sell marijuana in Arizona were pulled from a lottery-style air-blower by the state Department of Health Services on August 7. The lucky applicants were culled from a total of 426 who each paid $5,000 for the opportunity to be in the running. The losers get $1,000 back.”

Sound familiar?



  1. Long Beach, California – A Nationwide Model For Police Corruption (2008 to Current)
Mayor Bob Foster

Mayor Bob Foster

Ah yes, Long Beach; the birthplace of the medical marijuana industries problems.

The City of Long Beach was the first city in the United States to racketeer medical marijuana dispensaries under the architecture of former Mayor Bob Foster, Police Chief Jim McDonnell (now LA County Sheriff), City Attorney (and Irish Mob affiliate) Bob Shannon, La County Supervisor Don Knabe, Attorney Matt Knabe, Business Relations Manager Erik Sund (known KKK affiliate) and the Long Beach Police Officer Association led by Narcotics Detective and underworld killer, Det. David Strohman. Long Beach was formerly the jewel of the medical marijuana industry and the top pioneer in dispensary operation, but this all came to a grinding halt when city insiders became deeply threatened by the level of competition that their own dispensaries faced.

John Morris courtesy of OC Weekly

John Morris courtesy of OC Weekly

Mayor Foster, City Attorney Shannon and local OC crime boss John Morris along with local grower Carl Kemp, shared interests in several of the local dispensaries in Long Beach that were not performing well due to the subpar quality of their indoor marijuana. Morris, the notorious owner of Long Beach’s Legends bar in Belmont Shore, peddled his influence to several members of the Long Beach City Council in order to push for an illegal lottery that would determine who would be allowed to stay and who would be forced to go.

*Courtesy of OCWeekly Marijuana Super Investigator Nick Schou:

John Morris (right) partying with Mayor Bob Foster

John Morris (right) partying with Mayor Bob Foster

His pitch to City Hall: work with someone you know, rather than open the door to strangers from out of town who might turn out to be shady characters. “How are we going to make this truly work in Long Beach so it’s not gangbangers doing it?” Morris figured. “Let’s bring the community into this thing so everyone knows who we are.” Since marijuana collectives aren’t allowed to make a profit in California, Morris says, he planned to open at least four different storefronts throughout the city, each affiliated with a nearby charity, including Long Beach Memorial Foundation; the city’s skate-park program, run by ex-councilman Mike Donelon; and Long Beach Gay and Lesbian Center, whose director, Ron Sylvester, recalls talking to Morris and being excited about the concept. I brought it to our board of directors and got back to John and told him that we’d love to be a beneficiary,” Sylvester says. “I kept an eye on what was happening legislatively, and, of course, we’re disappointed that it hasn’t come to fruition. When he met with city attorney Shannon about the project, Morris brought his lobbyist, Matt Knabe, whose father, Don Knabe, sits on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.”

“To create a nonprofit called the Fourth Street Collective at 1069 Wardlow St., Morris reached out to Christine Donelon, wife of the former city councilman who ran the skate-park charity Morris hoped to fund. Another was tax accountant Osvaldo Lainez, who handled returns for both Morris and Dee Andrews, a Long Beach councilman. Lainez is also the president of the nonprofit Chicar, which has won tens of thousands of dollars in Port of Long Beach donations, ostensibly for helping to organize the city’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade, which is steered by Andrews.”

Bob Shannon

Bob Shannon

In late 2010, City Attorney Shannon held a rigged lottery in City Council that essentially forced the dispensary owners to bribe the city into retaining their operating permits, in addition requiring a $15,000 application fee. The lottery was immediately legally challenged thwarting the Morris Syndicate’s plans to fix competition as widespread corruption was alleged by other dispensary owners. In retaliation, Morris’s associate Mayor Bob Foster ordered David Strohman of the Long Beach POA to form a special anti-marijuana task force that would begin to raid, shake down and intimidate the dispensaries that dared to defy the illegal lottery.

“Larry Parks, who owned the 1 A.M. collective, [2] first became suspicious about the city’s program weeks earlier, when he paid a $2,000 consulting fee to Morris’ attorney, Violas.

“I wanted to get his thoughts about the lottery process and what he thought my chances were,” Parks recalls. “He wanted me to hire him for $2,000 a month and told me his clients don’t get bothered by the city. He called it ‘good lawyering’ and said he’d need $5,000 here and $5,000 there to spread around.” Violas claimed to be “good friends” with Erik Sund, Long Beach’s business-relations manager and director of the city’s medical-marijuana program. “Mr. Violas told me that if I paid him money, he would be able to guarantee acceptance of my patient-cooperative group’s application for a Long Beach city permit,” Parks later stated in a sworn deposition. “When I asked him how he could do this, he told me . . . my group might have to make monetary contributions to city projects or to city officials.”

Mike Genera refused to pay the fee to enter the lottery; soon after, the city began sending code-enforcement officers to his collective, threatening his landlord, and issuing him up to $50,000 in fines over a period of several months. The police also showed up and filed misdemeanor charges—violating the city’s marijuana ordinance—against his security guard and manager. “They used every kind of tactic that you can imagine,” Genara says. “It was just so overwhelming.”

Dallas Alexander, who operates the Dank City Collective, also paid only a token fee of $500 to the city, instead of the $15,000. “I was summarily rejected,” he says. Not long thereafter, the police raided his shop while he was on his way to work. “They broke down my door with no warrant,” he says. “They basically robbed me. They took whatever they could in money. I saw Erik Sund walk out with a bag of my merchandise. They arrested three of my people who were working, but they were out in a couple of hours.”

Until she voluntarily closed the dispensary late last year, Katherine Aldrich operated 562 Collective in the north Long Beach neighborhood of Bixby Knolls. She also refused to pay the city’s permit fee and didn’t participate in the lottery. On Feb. 14, 2011, the police raided her collective while she was taking her daughter to the orthodontist. Security footage filmed during the raid shows plainclothes officers accompanied by Sund standing in her lobby. No arrests were made, but Aldrich received a fine. The cops returned again three months later, again without a warrant. When her employees refused to open the safe, police arrested them but left empty-handed. Sund was present for that raid, too.”

Eleven dispensaries immediately found themselves getting served with official city letters demanding $40,000 a month in payments to the City Attorney’s office or face a ‘federal raid’ citing a power to deputize LBPD officers as federal narcotics agents. Strohman and his corrupt POA conspirators began a system of identifying, surveilling, capturing and in some cases assassinating members of the Long Beach and San Pedro marijuana industries including growers, transporters, and dispensary workers alike.

The city’s counterattack came to a grinding halt when they caught the attention of the FBI following the shooting and killing of a corrupt federal law enforcement official, who attempted to kill internal affairs investigators at the Downtown Long Beach Federal Building. According to the LA Times: “ The ICE agent, whose name has not been made public, shot and killed Ezequiel Garcia in February 2012 after Garcia opened fire during a meeting about his job performance. He fired at least six shots at his boss before he was shot dead. Kevin Kozak, the Los Angeles field offices second in command, was severely injured. The shooting left the seventh-floor office in Long Beach riddled with bullets.” This incident sparked a yearlong investigation that disturbed city officials, fearing that their RICO violations of the Long Beach marijuana collectives would be uncovered due to the attention being garnered by the lottery lawsuits. Foster and Shannon’s immediate reaction was to pass a citywide ban on medical marijuana collectives and they entrusted Chief McDonnell and Detective Strohman with carrying out the elimination of over a hundred collectives that operated throughout the city targeting both the collectives, their suppliers and even resorting to intimidating and harming their patients.

Marijuana Super Advocate Joe Grumbine

Marijuana Super Advocate Joe Grumbine

“According to the lawsuit, one of the officers, Dave Strohman led a team of cops who raided the NatureCann collective on March 21, 2012, using a battering ram to knock down the door. “The police officers entered guns drawn and ordered everyone on the ground,” the lawsuit states. “They immediately arrested everyone (four volunteers) for violating LBMC Chapter 5.89,” the city’s ordinance banning marijuana clubs. The lawsuit adds that Strohman and his team “interrogated those arrested,” then seized “all medical marijuana, cash registers, computers and patients records” and that the club was “utterly destroyed.” Elsewhere, the suit claims Strohman routinely failed to provide exculpatory evidence, such as information showing that the clubs were legal under state law, when filing search warrant affidavits. Another cop mentioned in the lawsuit is Oscar Valenzuela, a detective whose prior claim to fame is star witness for the prosecution against Joe Byron and Joe Grumbine, both of whom have the distinction of being the only Long Beach pot purveyors who were prosecuted for doing the same thing that city-permitted clubs were going, i.e. selling pot. (The two men were convicted, but have won the right to a new trial thanks to judicial misconduct).

Further Reading on LBPD Police Corruption by advocate Chief Stephen Downing:

The dispensaries connected to the city were allowed to remain open for a longer duration in order to recover losses and assume profits before the ban became permanently in effect in late 2013. Since that time, Long Beach held city elections in 2014 that were heavily monitored by the marijuana community for anti-corruption. Most notorious was the highly illegitimate election of City Attorney Charlie Parkin, a relative of RICO co-conspirator Bob Shannon, who has continued to hamper efforts to restore medical marijuana within the city.

Councilwoman Price; Anti-Marijuana Advocate

Councilwoman Price – Drug Crusader

Despite attempts by Councilmen Lena Gonzalez, Suja Lowenthal, Rex Richardson and Mayor Robert Garcia to restore the cities medical marijuana business program they have faced staunch opposition led by former prosecutor, anti-marijuana advocate and racist blue blood Susan Price, representing the wealthy 3rd District;  8th District Councilman Al Austin, who was miraculously elected despite his very public displays of illiteracy at council meetings; 5th District Councilwomen Stacy Mungo, a queen bee follower who was subject to attack ads by Americans For Safe Access during the election and retains a bitter resentment towards the industry and Councilman Dee Andrews of the 7th District who is still trying to cover up his involvement in Mayor Foster’s extortion racket. City Council must have a 6 member majority to pass the marijuana law and the final decision may lie in the hands of new Councilman Daryl Supernaw although it appears he has been negatively influenced by the Suzie Price Clique. There is no doubt that Ms. Price intends to sabotage the medical marijuana program to undermine Mayor Garcia, as it is known that she has made statements in private regarding her desire to become the Mayor of Long Beach. Mrs. Price’s prejudices against marijuana and marijuana patients comes from her deep entrenchment as a prosecutor and her racist attitudes towards the black and Latino communities within Long Beach.

Aaron Herzberg, Marijuana Racketeer in Santa Ana and Long Beach

Aaron Herzberg, Marijuana Racketeer in Santa Ana and Long Beach

The opposition to Mayor Garcia’s initiative by Price forced the creation of a highly corrupted city commission, of whose members are dually involved in Mayor Pulido’s racketeering of Santa Ana dispensaries. They seek to reinstate the city insider dispensaries while taking away grow rights from individual patients within city limits. Despite a voter mandate authorizing the restoration of the city’s medical marijuana ordinance, Ms. Price used council procedure to force the commission and stall implementation in order to maintain the ban. Meanwhile, Officer Strohman has successfully eliminated marijuana competition within the delivery serves, and most deliveries now operating within Long Beach city limits are owned by members of LBPD or their children.


The ‘Long Beach Model’ of corruption has been exported to municipalities and law enforcement agencies throughout Medical Marijuana states and this has been seen with the subversion of marijuana law by county and city authorities throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado and possibly many more states to come.

Will 2016 be the year when the marijuana industry says enough is enough?


  • The Green Chazzan
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Required Reading: The Blacklist



The following is a list of links of US Military, CIA and DEA (BNDD) operations from the Vietnam War to the Invasion of Panama that allowed for the global control of narcotics by US intelligence agencies in the 20th century. We have also included two video documentaries called ‘The Mena Connection’ and ‘Who Is The American Connection’, special thanks to Kevin Saunders & friends for providing this viewing material to our audience.

heroin logo

Operation 40 & Operation JM-Wave (1959-1963)

During the late 1950’s and early 1960’s; French-Corsican and Sicilian heroin traffic into the United States was largely facilitated through the nation of Cuba. Monies made from domestic heroin sales by organized crime were laundered back into Cuban banks to be converted to gold and stored in Havana. When Fidel Castro organized the communist revolution of Cuba, these mob monies were seized. Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles, the founders of the Consortium organized Operation 40 along with the help of then Vice President Richard Nixon. A group of Cuban Exiles were trained by the CIA to carry out assassinations and terrorism within Cuba to overthrow the government, reclaim the mafia gold holdings and re-establish the French Connection heroin flows. Operation 40 was largely sponsored by Zapata Oil, who held large offshore Cuban oil interests and was owned directly by the Bush family.  Operation 40 would be the precursor to Operation J/M-Wave & the Bay of Pigs in which the CIA operation was sabotaged by President Kennedy to prevent the reacquisition of mob monies and make a severe financial strike against the Anglo-America Consortium. (Zapata Oil)


The Phoenix Program (1965-1972)

During the Vietnam War, a large covert operation called the Phoenix Program was enacted by CIA Director William Colby to reopen heroin trafficking routes out of the Golden Triangle in Laos, Cambodia, Southern China and Burma which had largely been stopped by VietCong operations during the early 1960’s. The program was described to the American public as an assassination, terrorism and torture program against the VietCong but what wasn’t revealed was the large scale heroin trafficking of China White Heroin through the caskets of dead soldiers, from the Golden Triangle to the California ports of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego. Many Phoenix Program operatives involved in the CIA heroin smuggling operations would be recruited into the DEA for opening up cocaine trafficking routes in South America during Operation Condor in the 1970’s.


Operation Intercept (1969)

Operation Intercept was an anti-drug measure announced by President Nixon at 2:30pm on Sunday, September 21, 1969, resulting in a near shutdown of border crossings between Mexico and the United States. The initiative was intended to reduce the entry of Mexican marijuana into the United States at a time that was considered to be the prime harvest season.” This was the first attempt by the Consortium to manipulate domestic marijuana prices within the United States as part of the beginning of Nixon’s War on Drugs. The price shock crushed many small and mid-level domestic marijuana suppliers who could not afford the dramatic price increase caused by the Nixon market blockade leading to Consortium control over the domestic US marijuana market for the first time. Nixon’s goal was to crush domestic marijuana production and make the US marijuana supply dependent on foreign imports which were largely controlled by Consortium assets (The Cartels). Nixon also used Operation Intercept as a tool of economic blackmail towards the Mexican government to make them compliant and cooperative with the impending Operation Condor which would establish continental narco-trafficking routes from South and Central America into Mexico and ultimately the US domestic market. Operation Intercept was largely an extension of domestic counterintelligence programs to suppress the Middle and Working Class populations during the Vietnam War, these programs were known as COINTELPRO.


Operation Condor (1969-1976)

Condor was a mass-scale terror and regime change operation conducted by the CIA and DEA in Central America to establish complete control over the South American narcotics trades. Operation Condor was largely mirrored after previous pro-right wing coups in Europe aided by the CIA in Italy, Spain and Greece and was largely intended to reestablish the international drug trafficking network after the end of the Vietnam War. The end of the Vietnam War, the French Connection and the Nixon Administration through the Watergate Scandal signaled the need for a new ‘Mexican-Colombian Connection’ largely based on the more profitable Cocaine The School of the Americas was created by the CIA and DEA to train cadres of high ranking military officials within the South American nations to stage coup d’etat’s, secret police, counterintelligence, counter surveillance and narco-trafficking operations within their own nations in return for ruling power. The School of the Americas was largely modeled on Operation 40 and Operation J/M-Wave training programs of Cuban Exiles and many of the former exiles were recruited back into the CIA to be utilized as experienced foreign operatives for the missions of Operation Condor. Operation Condor began with the reign of terror in Argentina known as the Argentinian Dirty War and the assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile with by the coup of General Augusto Pinochet. The Argentinian and Chilean Secret Police, SIDE and DINA respectively, served as CIA/DEA intelligence assets to further expand the cocaine narco-trade throughout South America and assist in the toppling of democratic South American governments in favor of cocaine friendly military juntas. Operation Condor was noted for its overthrow of governments in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil.


Operation Charly (1977-1986)

Operation Charly was a follow-up operation to Operation Condor to establish the Colombian and Central American cocaine supply routes for the Consortium from South America to Mexico by the CIA and the DEA using Argentinian, Cuban and Chilean paramilitary operatives previously used in Operation Condor. Condor agents were initially used to suppress Sandinista resistance to the cocaine trafficking regime of Anastasio Somoza. After the fall of Somoza during the Nicaraguan Revolution CIA/DEA activities increased with Condor Agents training the Nicaraguan Contra’s to transport Colombian, Peruvian and Chilean cocaine for CIA weapons (later known as Iran-Contra). The CIA would then transport the cocaine to the United States to be sold in the US domestic market to raise illicit non-congressionally approved monies for their global operations, especially the continued support of heroin smuggling in Iran and Afghanistan. To avoid the spread of communist insurgency from Nicaragua, Condor operatives expanded the School of The Americas training program to the militaries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to ensure the continued flows of cocaine traffic in Central America. Resistance against these Condor trained military regimes would lead to the notoriously brutal El Salvador and Guatemalan civil wars which resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians.


The Iran-Contra Affair (1985-1987)

Iran-Contra was an international Drug-For-Arms network created by high ranking members of the Consortium, among them former members of Operation Jedburgh, OSS China, Operation 40, Operation J/M-Wave, The Phoenix Program, Operation Condor, Operation Charly and military intelligence operatives that participated in the Iranian Revolution. The network was masterminded by General Richard V. Secord, Vice President George HW Bush, General John K. Singlaub, Colonel Oliver North, and Manuel Noriega with the assistance of Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger and National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane. The network consisted of cocaine supplied by Colombian Drug Cartels to former paramilitary operators from Operation Charly transported to the Nicaraguan Contras to be traded with the CIA for heavy arms during the Nicaraguan Civil War. The CIA would then transport the cocaine into Mexico, where it would be transported from the Yucatan Peninsula to be flown to Mena, Arkansas to be sold on the US streets, primarily in Florida and Georgia. The CIA would also use the cocaine to create and manufacture crack cocaine in Nicaragua and Mexico, which would be then transported to the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, New York, Detroit and Philadelphia. The monies raised by these operations were used to conduct illegal arms sales to Iran through Lebanon and Israel, through the Iranian terror groups Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad in exchange for high quality and high priced Iranian, Iraqi and Afghan heroin which was made inaccessible due to the Iranian Civil War, the Iran-Iraq War and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.


Invasion of Panama (1989)

The Invasion of Panama was a military operation ordered by the leader of the Consortium President George H.W. Bush to silence rogue Consortium agent General Manuel Noriega of Panama who had been instrumental in the transportation of cocaine from Colombia into Central America during Operation Charly and the Iran-Contra Affair. Noriega had been a CIA operative since Operation 40 and had threatened to divert cocaine traffic away from the United States after his role in the Iran-Contra Scandal had been revealed. In 1988, the DEA indicted him on federal drug charges and the White House, under George Bush, began a propaganda campaign to label Panama’s government a ‘narco-kleptocracy’. In an attempt to blackmail President Bush, Noriega threatened to reveal his involvement Consortium activities which included narco-trafficking with the DEA, laundering drug money and exposing his special relationship with the CIA if he was not allowed to retain power. Bush responded by ordering a full scale invasion of Panama in 1989, on the pretext of protecting the Panamanian people and the Panama Canal while putting an end to the ‘narco-dictatorship’ of Manuel Noriega. US forces successfully deposed Noriega from power and arrested him. Noriega was put on trial in 1992 and convicted, with evidence from his trial largely censored by the CIA as classified material to prevent Noriega from speaking on his long history of being involved in Consortium activities. Noriega upon his release in 1999 was extradited to France to stand trial for a money laundering charge and was reconvicted in 2010. He was then extradited to Panama in 2011 where he suffered a ‘brain hemorrhage’.



Who The American Connection (Part 1 & 2) – Featuring former DEA agents Pat Saunders & Jerry Laveroni (1975)

Part 1

Part 2

The Mena Connection (1995)


 The Green Chazzan


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Required Viewing

The Secret Government (Bill Moyers PBS 1987)

Lord of The Golden Triangle (8 min each)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

The CIA’s Secret War in Laos (1960-1970) Best Film Archives


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Narc vs. Narc 2: The California Cannabis Coup D’etat


Why was medical marijuana conceived? To quote a great man, it was conceived “to free a plant, to free a people, to free a planet”. Marijuana’s past had been lost in over a century of prohibition brought upon by an extreme belief in the pseudoscience of eugenics, previously used as a medicine to heal the central nervous system and the immune system for thousands of years. Marijuana had nearly come to be free again several times in the 1960’s and 1970’s but, due to financial forces seeking to keep the plant bonded and the people dependent on their products and services, the promised reform never came. The state created an organization called the Drug Enforcement Agency who were given carte blanche to enhance the prison complex by distributing drugs from cannabis to crack throughout the United States to entrap US citizens and confiscate their wealth for four decades. So medical marijuana had to be created, to free the pharmaceutical benefits of a plant, to free a people from an abuse of power and to free the planet from abuse of its resources.

Compassionate Use

Dennis Peron and Jack Herer - Heroes of Marijuana

Jack Herer and Dennis Peron – Heroes of Medical Marijuana

The modern era of medical marijuana reform in the United States began with the passage of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 also known as Proposition 215. The Proposition was created by famous Pioneers of Medical Marijuana Dennis Peron and John Entwhistle Jr. in collaboration with the old Prop 215 gang Anna Boyce RN, Valerie Corral, Dale Gieringer, Thomas Seiler, William Panzer, the infamous Scott Imler, Steve Kubby, and psychiatrist Tod H. Mikuriya. Proposition 215 was organized when Peron united with Los Angeles AIDS commissioner Richard Eastman and Dr. Charles Farthing of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to lobby the State of California to make medical marijuana available to critically and terminally ill patients throughout the state.

Most Americans don’t realize that when Proposition 215 was first created there was a clause that existed within the bill that prevented law enforcement from abusing their powers to turn California into a state of quasi-legality and quasi-enforcement, there was more comprehensive allocations to the patients regarding insurance and general protections from prosecution were clearly delineated. However on the eve of the due date of Prop 215’s ballot signatures, Peron had come to realize that they did not have enough signatures to introduce Prop 215 on the ballot. Peron and the other Pioneers knew that the window of government allowance for such a piece of legislation would be short. They were desperate to find funding and gather enough signatures, Peron found himself without a choice and he turned to the only willing hand, George Soros.

George Soros

George Soros

George Soros had a long held interest in medical marijuana because he has heard rumors that the DEA had buried studies since the 1960s showing that certain strains of medical marijuana could extend life. Soros, already a major shareholder in several large pharmaceutical corporations throughout the world, wanted to dominate the cannabis seed market and take control of literally the entire marijuana market for his own profit, much like how Edison stole many inventions from Tesla so did Soros seek to steal cannabis’ medical secrets from the hippies and masters of medicine like Dennis Peron and Jack Herer. Peron, delinquent on signatures and funding was left with little choice but to cave in to the corporate consortium led by Soros and followed by business magnates like George Zimmer and Peter Lewis.  Soros used his financial and political prowess to immediately dominate the political proceedings for Proposition 215.

Soros quickly worked to build his alliances within the state by promising more leeway to the medical community in the legislation while also cutting a deal with the California Police Unions and Prison Unions to allow law enforcement activities against patients and dispensaries to continue unabated. Both Soros and Peter Lewis saw that it was in their interests to keep a law enforcement loophole open so they could employ gangs, corrupt police and DEA officials to conduct raids against competition, namely his former Prop 215 business partners the Pioneers of Medical Marijuana and the Green Triangle.

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Soros and Lewis would act upon this ruthlessly during the Bush years as they would soon discover that their dispensaries had trouble competing with the superior growing techniques of the Emerald Triangle and the California Hippies who had been growing themselves since the beginning of the Vietnam War. The hippies believed in the spirit and moral guidance of the original Proposition 215 and they tried to offer the marijuana at lower cost with superior quality to the people of California. This was completely contradictory to Soros’ plan, as he sought to monopolize the finer seeds and utilize them to develop pharmaceutical syntheses that he could patent and control. Soros turned to the Republican Party who had experience from the Sensimilla Wars of the late 70’s to early 80’s in creating intimidation campaigns against growers and doctors in California. Despite Democratic leadership, Republicans had been deeply imbedded in the executive offices of the government since the Nixon and Reagan eras; the DEA was practically a drug running paramilitary wing of the GOP after being utilized by the CIA to run operations in South America in the 70’s and 80s. They were especially loyal to Consortium power brokers like George H.W. Bush whose son, George W Bush, was unfortunately fated to win a controversial election in Soros’ favor in 2000.

The Bush Doctrine

That's Our Bush

That’s Our Bush

When George W Bush came to power, our long national nightmare truly began and to add insult to injury the Bush Justice Department catered to Soros’ demands: eliminate competition within the Emerald Triangle to the best of their ability and deliver the seeds of the hippies to him in which Soros would ensure premium compensation. Bush, on behest of his father Bush Sr. who shared financial interests with Soros in pharmaceutical opium from abroad, sent Dick Cheney to meet with a private group of individuals of which included Peter Lewis, Paul Wolfowitz, George Soros, the Reynolds family, the Seagrams family and a number of other billionaires to discuss the ‘opportunities’ the impending conflict in Afghanistan could provide. Many of the executives in the room were top Anglo-American pharmaceutical interests who were primarily interested in dealing with the Northern Alliance warlords of Afghanistan and acquiring the best opium on the planet to be used to mass produce millions of painkillers throughout America and Europe.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar – Afghan Opium Warlord

Soros and Lewis made their opinions clear at the meeting that they were more interested in the rare sativa and indica found in the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Along with the new heroin route from the Golden Crescent to the Middle East, it had to be guaranteed that large supplies of rare cannabis and especially cannabis seeds were included. Routes were also created through Pakistan to India and Thailand to ship cannabis and heroin eastward to California.

“…….after American and British troops invaded Afghanistan, removed the Taliban and installed the interim government, the land under cultivation leapt back to 285 square miles (740 km2), with Afghanistan supplanting Burma to become the world’s largest opium producer once more. Opium production in that country has increased rapidly since, reaching an all-time high in 2006. According to DEA statistics, Afghanistan’s production of oven-dried opium increased to 1,278 tons in 2002, more than doubled by 2003, and nearly doubled again during 2004. In late 2004, the U.S. government estimated that 206,000 hectares were under poppy cultivation, 4.5% of the country’s total cropland, and produced 4,200 metric tons of opium, 76% of the world’s supply, yielding 60% of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product.[98] In 2006, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimated production to have risen 59% to 407,000 acres (1,650 km2) in cultivation, yielding 6,100 tons of opium, 82% of the world’s supply.[99] The value of the resulting heroin was estimated at $3.5 billion, of which Afghan farmers were estimated to have received $700 million in revenue. For farmers, the crop can be up to ten times more profitable than wheat. The price of opium is around $138 per kilo. Opium production has led to rising tensions in Afghan villages. Though direct conflict has yet to occur, the opinions of the new class of young, rich men involved in the opium trade are at odds with those of the traditional village leaders.”

BBC News Aug 2, 2006 “UN Warns of Soaring Afghan Opium”

Soros needed a man to go around the world and arrange a centralized seed distribution system that he could control. The man for that job was someone with whom Soros had worked with before to control cannabis in Holland, Arjan Roskam the so called ‘Strain Hunter’. Roskam was connected globally to drug cartels and could use his connections with South American, African and Asian narco-traffickers to import their strains and also make the seed pipeline more efficient for his benefactor Soros. Watching the most recent marijuana special on Vice News featuring Roskam, it is clear to see that he is connected to narco-traffickers in Colombia.

Arjan Roskam

Arjan Roskam

Soros was able to entrap many of the California growers by introducing exotic seeds from Afghanistan, rare indicas that were not previously available on the shores of California. From a grower’s perspective, how could they pass it up. The potential of the new plants were relatively unknown and the prospect of newer, stronger, healthier, more potent and better pharmaceutical grade plants was impossible to simply just be left alone. After the growers created the strains Soros and his consortium would use their DEA assets to raid the farms and seize the seeds while arresting its creators. This led to large scale friction and distrust of other up in Northern California; the marijuana movement had been contaminated by the corporate oligarchy from its beginning.

Arjan Roskam on Vice News:

George Soros and Peter Lewis next formed three lobby organizations that hired Bush DEA officials in favor of their agenda, the Marijuana Policy Project, Americans For Safe Access led by rogue DEA agent Don Duncan and the Drug Policy Alliance led by Ethan Nadelmann. The goal of all three of these organizations was to use the influence of the billionaires to pressure municipal legislators into enacting legislation that disqualified and disallowed their competition from going into business.

Marc Emery

Marc Emery

Marc Emery was also an individual that came under the influence of Soros and Lewis following the passage of Prop 215 in 1997. Emery, like Peron, had hoped Soros influence would be enough to empower him to defy the Canadian government and bring about marijuana reform in Canada as well. After being raided several times by Canadian authorities Emery was beginning to see the game that was being played, many of his farmers were being sold out by his new business partners to the Canadian government in exchange for their seed hauls which Soros was gobbling up by the truckload.

Emery defied Soros and Lewis by starting a mail order seed service that became the largest in the world, distributing hemp and marijuana seeds to every corner of the Earth in an attempt to stop Soros and Lewis from cornering the global marijuana seed market by taking over Canada and then California. Soros and his partners would inevitably have Emery imprisoned and extradited to the United States in 2005 as punishment for what Soros viewed as the ultimate sin.

Welcome home Marc.

Proposition 19

Rouge DEA - Richard Lee

Rouge DEA Agent Richard Lee

Prop 19, also known as the “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act” was created to monopolize the California marijuana industry under the power of Soros and his consortium. A new upstart group was formed from Duncan, Nadelmann, Steve DeAngelo, Richard Lee,  and some of the more greedy members of the marijuana elite to lead a business coup against the Pioneers of Medical Marijuana in the form of the legislation known as Proposition 19. The group had already made a fortune selling out rival dispensaries and growers to greedy California attorneys and the DEA of which many of them, including Duncan and Lee, were agents of.  Proposition 19 sought to further strip patient protections and entrap many rival growers to  Soros’ & the Consortium’s own group of marijuana cultivators.

Soros intended for Prop 19 to be the ultimate assault upon the Emerald Triangle. Despite importing seeds from around the world, Soros and his consortium failed to stem the dominance of the Green Triangle and its superior quality of medical marijuana. He wanted the ability to seize the marijuana farms of Northern California in a similar manner to that of George Deukmeijian circa 1980.

The Triangle, along with several other entities managed to defeat Prop 19 at the ballot however many marijuana advocates failed to realize that it was a two pronged attack. As Prop 19 failed the vote in 2010, the municipal bans that were planned by Soros and the League of California cities continued to be implemented statewide starting in Long Beach and spreading through California counties like a wildfire. Jack Herer also died that year, fracturing the Pro-Medical movement with the loss of his leadership and giving power over to the new Soros backed movement called Legalization.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Antonio Villaraigosa

The City of Long Beach was the first to take the lead with the fraudulent lottery perpetuated by City Attorney Robert Shannon and Mayor Bob Foster and the brutal crackdowns that followed on anyone that dared to compete with the anointed dispensaries that had paid their lords the proper tribute. Los Angeles attempted to follow suit, spearheaded by the traitorous Antonio Villaraigosa (a professed advocate) and Jose Huizar banning thousands of marijuana dispensaries throughout LA and allowing certain, more favorable dispensaries to remain open; not to mention those of the Mexican drug cartels.

Many dispensaries desperately turned to ASA, MPP, NORML and DPA for help. They found themselves in even worse hands among Soros litter as ASA attorneys drained the dispensaries dry of their financial resources and practically handed them over to county and state prosecutors on a silver platter. Marijuana attorneys made a profitable business out of offering their expertise at very high rates and then underperforming on the court case, often with the intention of acquiring their client’s very profitable medical marijuana dispensary for themselves.

Medical Marijuana vs. The Legal Marijuana Mob

The Marijuana Mafia. as we have previously acknowledged in past posts (see bottom), has a hand that controls its puppet strings and it is, as we also mentioned before, called The Consortium or The Opium Mob. A group of large big business interests that have held control over opiates and pharmaceuticals for well over 100 years and of whose actions are currently being led by George Soros to dominate the global marijuana seed markets so that they may ensure that their financial dominance along with the hegemony of the opium plant (plant of death) over the marijuana plant (plant of life) continue.

Steve DeAngelo aka Steve The Douche

Steve DeAngelo – DC Mobster

The Marijuana Mafia is currently in political struggle with the Pro-Medical patients advocacy groups that are seeking to see marijuana regulated as a medication, not regulated as an OTC intoxicant like alcohol. Pro-Medical advocates stand by the healing potential of the marijuana plant, advocating a potential worldwide multi-trillion dollar industry within ten years if medical research and grower innovation is allowed to continue in accordance with medically oriented regulations like Proposition 215. The Marijuana Mafia is fixated on seed control and short term profit through standard OTC marijuana sales, not wishing to explore or develop new strains but rather produce as much quantity and volume as they can, while stifling competition, innovation, improvement and exploration of the cannabis plant itself. The Marijuana Mafia have been DEA collaborators for the past twenty years, exercising their connections to put good growers like Eddie Lepp in jail so that he couldn’t produce medicine that could actually help the patients because it competed with the Mafia’s bottom line.

Mayor Eric Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti

Their latest victory has been the passage of Proposition D in Los Angeles, championed by Villaraigosa and the notoriously corrupt LA County Board of Supervisors as a way to regulate marijuana collectives it has once again fostered an environment of unfair competition, police and municipal corruption and an increase in price while a decline in quality. Current Mayor Eric Garcetti has said nothing in regards to reforming the city or county Marijuana law. Interestingly enough, some of the champions of the law, like Cheryl Shuman, have been shut down under the regulation that they sponsored. Her Marijuana Farmers Market in Boyle Heights was shut down under the pretext of Proposition D, ah irony.

This madness needs to end.

A Glimmer of Hope

With that being said, I am proud that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder recognized Washington and Colorado’s states’ rights to medical marijuana.  De Facto acknowledging California’s right to Medical Marijuana as well along with all other states that have passed their own medical marijuana regulation. The President has brought the country ever a step closer to the golden goal of rescheduling Medical Marijuana to a Class IV or V controlled substance; the final nail in the coffin of 100 years of prohibition and entrapment. God Bless America.

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief


-The Green Chazzan

The Marijuana Mafia ****That’s right! We reported it first!!!!!!”

Marijuana in Afghanistan


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The Marijuana Mafia

The Marijuana Mafia is an important topic to discuss in relation to the decriminalization of medical marijuana; it’s not your typical mafia, sure it has its relations to your traditional mob organizations and drug cartels but it exists autonomous nonetheless, and has asserted itself in a very clever manner into not only the Cannabis industry and culture but has also manipulated discussion of medical marijuana at the highest levels of political discourse. Who are these Mafiosi? When one thinks of a marijuana kingpin, a super hippie-tized libertarian warlord or possibly a well dressed Mexican businessman? But that would simply be too obvious. No, the marijuana mafia is a clever bunch and they have hidden themselves the best way possible, right under our noses in plain sight.

These masters of medical wickedness have cleverly manipulated the intentions of Proposition 215 in California since its inception in the early 1990s and have kept the state from improving its medical marijuana law in order to impose its rackets on a lawless and unregulated market. Meanwhile they have promoted marijuana legalization in other states, imposing their financial will on weak state politicians with large budget deficits, in desperate need of some extra cash and some extra influence to get back on their feet again. These states are ball and chained to the manipulated California seed market and the completely French Canadian cartel dominated Canadian seed markets.

Why doesn’t the Marijuana Mafia just accept regulation and decriminalization? Because their intentions have nothing to do with helping medical patients, gangsters like Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center; Keith Stroup of NORML; Don Duncan of Americans for Safe Access; Marijuana Policy Project; the now deceased Peter Louis and his practically defunct Drug Policy Alliance and the Anti-Pioneer Self-Proclaimed Wax King Miguel Lopez don’t care about people with cancer, AIDS/HIV, cerebral palsy and other serious illnesses that could use medical marijuana treatment. What the Marijuana Mafia’s goal is to increase the efficiency of their drug trafficking and distribution markets in states that do not have access to medical marijuana; sounds altruistic at first until one gets more intimate with the operation and realizes that this so called ‘legalization movement’ could care less about marijuana decriminalization because they are busy attempting to rig regulations and control marijuana grey markets in order to produce more profit in their marijuana black markets.

Watching Colorado growers tout their medical credentials and blame the failures of the marijuana decriminalization movement “on the hippies” on Dr Sanjay Gupta’s Weed 2 was laughable at best because it’s false advertising at its finest. The best question to ask Colorado growers is “Despite Legalization, why hasn’t the quality of the marijuana medication improved in Washington and Colorado?” It’s a fair question, when marijuana was decriminalized in California the price of marijuana fell and the quality of marijuana increased, why hasn’t the same occurred in Colorado?

The answer to that question lies in the domination of seed markets. The primary sources of seeds used throughout North America find their sources in California’s Emerald Triangle, Canada’s British Columbia and Kentucky’s Appalachian mountains. This means that the legalization states are always hamstrung for high quality seeds and are dependent on importing the seeds from seed producing regions. The Marijuana Mafia has made it their business since the passage of Proposition 215 to slowly takeover the California seed market, working in tandem with their relationships in the French Canadian mob who were doing the same in Canada. The Mafia has intimidated hippy farmers, using violent and underhanded tactics to effectively wage enslave many of the farmers in the Emerald Triangle with the help of corrupt state politicians who blame Obama for the woes they create for the farmers. The Mafia has even used their true crime counterparties to help them takeover markets all over the west coast through illegitimate dealings and brutal intimidation. Mon-N-Pop dispensaries from Long Beach to San Francisco to Humboldt to Seattle have been destroyed by this cabal of so called “Do-Gooders” hiding behind the banner of “marijuana legalization” while stealing plants and seeds from entrepreneurial dispensaries using mob tactics only seen in the movies. Their dispensaries are on record with the reviews at and accusations throughout the Cannabis Community of abusing patients and sacrificing marijuana quality and cures for profit.    “Feigning Care”

The Old Hippies from up north, as much as I love them, they have to share the blame in California’s current downfall in the world of medical marijuana. They trusted their middlemen too much, the best analogy for it is from the tale of Pinocchio, when the young good hearted and trusting Pinocchio became corrupted by a vicious Fox named Honest John with his feline sidekick Foulfellow. Like Honest john promised to help Pinocchio; ASA, NORML and MPP promised the Old Hippies that they would help them free the Weed and fight for patients right’s to use the cures that medical cannabis could provide. The Old Hippies originally had the vision to bring back medical marijuana as a medicine, the same vision that was shared by medical marijuana Hippies Dennis Peron and medical pioneers  Jack Herer, along with so many others that fought for marijuana decriminalization had. The Marijuana Mafia and old mobs simply saw a threat to one of their main centers of profit; they more than anyone had everything to lose through marijuana decriminalization so their best effort had to be towards focusing on controlling it.     “Plots and Fraud”

Much like the Fox and Cat takes the young wooden marionette to “Pleasure Island”, a place with no rules or authority, with plenty of booze, gambling, smoking and partying for everyone. What better way than to coerce the Old Hippies by offering up amenities like financing, large gifts and just more money than these people had ever seen in a long time to work ‘cooperatively on marijuana’; but the Marijuana Mafia had no intention to cooperate from the beginning. Pinocchio takes some heavy rips of a Cuban cigar only to discover too late that the whole thing is a scam, the Fox and Cat get paid, the Coachmen turns all the little boys into goats and whips them into the corral to be used like oppressed miners; Pinocchio himself is not spared this fate. The Marijuana Mafia like the Coachman coerced the farmers into absolute servitude using their legal and law enforcement connections to job out any grower that wouldn’t play along with their game to dominate global marijuana distribution and preempt federal marijuana decriminalization.   “Pleasure Island”

The Marijuana Mafia’s goal was to monopolize the California seed market working along with the Canadian Cartel’s seed market to dominate marijuana seeds globally and improve the exportation of marijuana to meet the demand in states where marijuana had not yet been decriminalized ie. The East Coast of the United States. People like Steve DeAngelo, Keith Stroup and Miguel Lopez worked very hard to turn their little project “The State of Colorado” into a new marijuana trafficking corridor that would improve continent wide distribution of marijuana for all criminal organizations involved and use Colorado as a base to streamline flows and profits to and from the East Coast and also use the State of Washington to reduce transportation risk with Canada. To illustrate my example here is map of marijuana distribution flows prior to Colorado and Washington legalization.

Weed trade1

The green stars represent major seed generating hubs in North America excluding Mexico, we get the Emerald Triangle of California, British Columbia and Kentucky. The triangles represent narco network distribution hubs, we get West Texas, Wisconsin, Youngstown, Seattle and New York. The yellow lines represent regional distribution flows, the red lines represent major narco-trafficking routes. Traditionally to transport marijuana to meet East Coast demand, marijuana in major seed producing areas like California either had to be transported up a pipeline into Canada for shipping to New York and the Upper Midwest or traffickers had to risk interstate smuggling to reach the distribution hubs. Distribution hubs would also have to take on more risk by reaching out to smaller networks to help assist with taking in profits from regional distribution throughout the East and South.

The Marijuana Mafia fought hard for legalization in Colorado and Washington to rectify the risk that was being present from the long distances and burdens of law enforcement associated with such long routes of narco trafficking. This arrangement was suitable at first for the Old Hippies because their seed market was superior to the other two so they could demand higher prices for the medicine exported out of California into Canada and across state lines; the domination of the seed market also let them deal more evenly with the middlemen, but the deluge of wealth shielded their eyes from the machinations of those same middlemen. The middlemen used their underworld connections to seize as much of the California seed market as they could through force, then once their political hitmen in MPP, NORML and ASA were able to open Washington and Colorado they immediately began the process of moving California’s resources to Colorado in an effort to dominate the market and thoroughly crush the Old Hippies once and for all.

Weed trade2

This next map illustrates how Washington and Colorado have improved narco-trafficking routes throughout the United States. Mexico now has less of an export burden because it is now much easier to move bulk shipments into Colorado, especially through sell out states like Arizona and New Mexico, thanks to corrupt politicians like ex-governors Jan Brewer and NORML associate Gary Johnson. The West Coast Connection between California and BC is now perfectly streamlined to bring West Coast bud quickly and efficiently to the East and also bring more inflows of Beasters into the United States. Colorado makes busting through Red State dragnets much easier as the front lines are now much greater in multitude, the same going for the Big Sky Country states, this has relieved the burdens of distribution hubs which are now able to more efficiently move their shipments throughout the east coast make even more astronomical profits than ever before. For Colorado, it’s not about the patients, the marijuana quality or even the legalization, it’s about improving narco-distribution opportunities to the East Coast.      “Truth about ASA”

People like Steve DeAngelo, Marc Emery, [Ethan Nadelmann of DPA, George Soro’s Marijuana Policy Project] and Don Duncan of ASA have put themselves in our face, telling us they are fighting for our rights while collectively working to deny us of all of our rights. DeAngelo mocks the community with his television shows Weed Wars and Weed Country, glorifications of himself and his middlemen “struggling” to squeeze paranoid growers for marijuana to bring to the dispensary and sell. Marijuana growers after years of battling the DEA for their medicine are paranoid of who to trust, especially as their dispensary middlemen job them out to monopolize competition.

Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo

Marc Emery and Jodie Emery

Marc Emery and Jodie Emery

 Miguel Lopez

Miguel Lopez

People protest the jailing of marijuana gangsters like Marc Emery but patients and supporters alike are unaware that Beaster Barons like Marc Emery are helping keep marijuana illegal in the United States because it kills their pocket books. Marc Emery worked with French Canadian kingpins like Jimmy Cournoyer, the flashy drug billionaire mentioned in last year’s New York Post for trading Beasters from BC through Washington in exchange for Cali-seeds. Men like Cournoyer facilitate marijuana transactions with East Coast crime families, with the Marijuana Mafia in California getting the cream of the profits as the returns come in from exporting California’s premium marijuana abroad to sell at 75 to 95$ an eighth.

The Old Hippies must now realize that Colorado is the ultimate attempt to hijack medical marijuana from being a movement about medicine to a movement about mob controlled narco trafficking. The Sons of the Man of the Mountain have been fooled into believing that wax is really the new dawn, when really it is their downfall. The DEA is more interested in hash and wax production than they are in bud production, probably because the Marijuana Mafia are claiming that California wax production is criminal while Colorado flower production is medical? But that’s the truth that is what Weed 2 was all about, demarcating Colorado as the medical state while framing California as the wax and druggie state, but would the Old Hippies and the medical experts really agree? I highly doubt it but the truth lies in the eyes of the beholder, and CNN is influential on many eyes. DeAngelo and Lopez want California to remain in its state of haziness on Marijuana laws because it allows them more time to destroy the California market and move their ill-gotten gains and illegal profits to ‘more fertile grounds’ in Colorado; from Colorado, a state where police departments are bought and paid, it is easier to deny the federal government access to stop the Marijuana Mafia from enslaving all of Medical Marijuanadom.

Just think about Weed Country, why is CAMP (California DEA) in that show? If Weed Country is showing the smugglers and they are also talking to CAMP, what is to stop CAMP from forcing DeAngelo to sell out the Weed Country smugglers? The answer is simple, because DeAngelo and CAMP are working together. If the hand of the law is under your thumb it’s pretty easy to get them to job out any uncooperative hippies and growers. A farm doesn’t do what the Marijuana Mafia wants, they get raided. A dispensary doesn’t do what the Marijuana Mafia wants, they get raided. Somebody tries to tell the truth, killed or arrested. This is a form of enslavement through corruption and coercion, just like the Coachmen intended for Pinocchio and his friends.     “Enslavement”

These men don’t care about medical marijuana, if they did they wouldn’t be improving the flows of Mexican Brick and BC Beasters. They wouldn’t be baiting switching the patients and entrapping caring growers with corrupt lawyers in the name of ‘marijuana laws and legal defense’. The money the patients have given to dispensaries that are controlled by ASA, controlled by NORML, controlled by MPP and Soros are using their profits to destroy other dispensaries so they don’t have to compete with anyone, so they can communize the medical marijuana market under their grip for profit, nothing more. They aren’t using their profits to subsidize or improve patient care. This is the cancer that We face while We The People try to free our medicine.

The worst part of all of this, the whoring and jobbing out of the great state of California by a bunch of East Coast Punks that want us to all to smoke their bullshit swag. Instead of getting better at growing, working on improving their trade, they are just trying to slam that brick down our lungs and defile the beauty of California. DeAngelo is from DC, Lopez is from Mexico, and Don Duncan is from TEXAS; why should any of these people give a shit about California? They are all from places that hate us and our free thinking ways. The Marijuana Mafia are Marijuana Carpet Baggers and like the carpetbaggers of old they intend to hang California and especially the Old Hippies out to dry.

Stevie D

Stevie D    “Steve Kubby on Marijuana Mafia”

*Some opinions of the Steve Kubby Show are not our own, The Green Chazzan is pro-medical.

The Green Chazzan

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